A Disaster in the Making

There are two things you need to know about me.  Well, I guess it’s three.  One very permanent thing.  One semi-permanent thing that I hope will change (but probably won’t).  And one thing that I hope is extremely temporary.

Thing one.  I love my country music and attending country concerts.

Thing two.  I have extreme issues telling people no.

Thing three.  I have no money.  I have no summer job and I don’t know how I’m going to pay my bills.

So, I got a text message from a friend.  It was her birthday.  She wanted to know if I would attend a concert with her this weekend.  This particular friend is my new country concert buddy.  And I love that I have one.  And it was a country concert: Craig Campbell, Lee Brice, Justin Moore and Luke Bryan.  Yes, all 4 artists.  I love my country music.

And I can’t say no.  It’s her birthday and, even though the concert is 5 hours away and I have no money, I am going with her.  She’s going to pay for the gas (and we’re driving her car) and the hotel room that we’re going to stay in tonight.  I will pay for my ticket.  And I wanted to say no because I really don’t have the money for it – or want to feel the guilt of not paying my “fair share” (even though she just asked me on Wednesday).  But I wanted to say yes – and ultimately did – because I haven’t seen any of these people in concert and I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing.  I think it should be a lot of fun!

So, I’m a little scared because being friends with her I’ve seen a lot more concerts than I probably would have gone to on my own.  But it’s been great.  Not for my wallet.  But for my soul.  And even though I have no money, I might try to convince her that we should buy tickets for the Friday show if we’re going to be there anyways.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ve seen some of the people performing Friday night, but if we’re going to be there anyway, I might try to convince her…although it might be a better idea to get some sleep since we’re driving home after the show Saturday night.  And if I keep going at this pace, it just isn’t going to work out for me.  At all.

So, coming up next week will be posts filled with country music.  I will give you a review of some albums that I have bought recently (Jana Kramer and Eden’s Edge definitely, possible Carrie Underwood).  I will review the concert I am going to.  And I’ll probably talk about some country music dreams because I’ve officially decided that next week is going to be country music week on my blog!

What’s your favorite type of music?  Would you spend money that you don’t necessarily have to go to a concert with a friend?  What is your dream music festival to attend?


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