The Importance of Tradition

So, as I waxed nostalgic yesterday (I’m honestly not even sure if that is the right phrase or not…someone please correct me if I’m wrong – I’m too lazy right now to look it up), I started thinking about traditions.  And if I had any.  And whether they were imporant or not.  And whether they are different from superstitions.

So, first.  Yes, I do think traditions are important.  I think it’s nice to have a small plan.  Maybe you have a special way of opening presents at holiday times.  Maybe you always do the same type of thing for your birthday.  Maybe it’s a wider tradition – like graduation or everyone wearing a certain color on a certain day to show their support for a certain cause.

The thing  (for me anyway) about tradition is that if it’s not something good for you, you should change it.  Sure, maybe you want to keep the bare bones of the thing so that you still resemble the tradition in it’s widest scope, but you might want to gut it out and fix it for you.

You say you always have a graduation party the day of graduation?  Perfect!  Keep having a graduation party the day of graduation.  But you say you don’t want a party like your older brothers because he loved sports and you love theater?  Fine!  Give your party it’s own twist.  Have what you need, but put on a play for all your guests.  That’s great!

Now, the sticky thing…sort of.  Are traditions different than superstitions?  Maybe.  Say you always do something before a game or your first night on stage or when you finish a big project.  I would say that’s a tradition.  And, to me, superstitions are a type of tradition.

Do I have traditions?  Not necessarily.  But I do have a few things that I might want to make into traditions one day.  And I think I’d definitely love to make a few good ones.

What are your traditions?  Do you value them or wish you could change them? 


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