An Exercise/Weight Update

I haven’t written about my exercise and weight in a while.  And part of it is because I haven’t been doing anything with it.  Which isn’t entirely true. 

I am still exercising.  I am exercising in a great way.  I have water aerobics twice a week and I have taken to going in 15-30 minutes early to swim laps.  And by swim laps, I mean that I get a kickboard and kick for a while.  It’s been really great.  Next week is my last week and it makes me a little sad because I really do enjoy it.

Twice a week I do a fitness bootcamp.  This is something that I’d like to keep doing, but I’m not sure that I can because I don’t really have the money for it.  You see, I am dead broke.  I have no summer job (and don’t know if I’m taking the one that I interviewed for as it wouldn’t even pay my bills for the summer).  And, therefore, I don’t really have the money to extend bootcamp.  Especially if it’s going to cost me $200 as opposed to the $20 deal that I got.  But I like it.  It makes me work things that I normally wouldn’t.

Because of these two things – and frequently being out of town – I haven’t been using my elliptical as much.  So, once water aerobics is over, it’ll be nice to start that back up again. 

I also want to start running again.  I just want to start out slow – maybe even tonight.  Because of my cross country background, I don’t do too well with running/walking intervals.  So I need to start slow with time and distance and build.  I know I can.  Maybe by the end of the summer, I can be up to 5 or 6 miles.  Then, I might think about starting to train for a race – a half marathon maybe?  We’ll see.

I haven’t been eating horribly.  But I haven’t been eating great.

Because of this, my weight has gotten stuck.  I haven’t really gained or lost in quite a while.  And I am happy with the fact that I haven’t gained anything.  But I have more that I want to lose.  So, I need to start working at my eating plan again to be optimizing my intake and making sure it meets with my goals.

But, it’s still amazing to me when I put on shorts from last summer and they are huge.  Or the fact that I went down two sizes at Old Navy since last summer.  It proves to me that even if I don’t think that I really made a difference, I have.  

And I can continue to do so if I will just focus.

The only other thing I really want to start doing again is my yoga.  I sort of stopped, but I miss it and I want to start again because I can feel my flexibility waning again.  And I want to increase it more, not lose it.

So, that’s my update.  Nothing too great.  But definitely nothing bad either.

Any advice for me to kickstart things again?


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