My Top 5

I told you I was going to write about my top 5 celebrities that I would want to be/be best friends with.  So, without any more coaxing or waiting (because I realize this is going up late), I give you my list!

1. Rachel McAdams – I love Rachel McAdams.  I think she is funny, gorgeous and seems like a really great person.  I feel like she and I would get along really well and that being her best friend would give me a lot of perks and make me really happy.  When I might not go see a movie, but Rachel is in it – I want to see it more (although, let’s be serious, I usually just want to see those movies anyway).

2. Carrie Underwood – I wrote about Carrie Underwood recently.  And yes, I would love to be here, but I also feel like it would be great to be BFFs with her.  Because she is at least starting to like hockey more – and I need a good hockey friend.  Also, she just seems so down to earth and fantastic.  As if she and I would be similar.

3. Emily VanCamp – I must admit, Emily VanCamp inspired this post.  I’ve talked before about celebs I want to be/be best friends with.  I have liked Emily VanCamp since I watched her on Everwood.  And when I started watching Revenge (and then watched almost the entire season over the past two days), I just loved her even more.  I want to get the episode of Lucky magazine that she is on the cover of and I think that I would love to be friends with her.

4. Jana Kramer – probably one of my newest girl crushes/want to be/be bffs with.  I was introduced to her via One Tree Hill and didn’t particularly like her character at first (and that’s the way it was supposed to be).  But when her character started getting better and she started performing and I started paying more attention, I started to want to be her bff/have her life.  It doesn’t hurt that she is also a hockey fan!!!

5. Ellen DeGeneres – this is the only person on my list that I don’t know if I’d want to be.  And I wouldn’t want to be Ellen because I don’t think I could pull her off very well.  But I would love to be BFFs with her because I don’t think that there would be a dull moment ever.  Not ever at all.

I’m pretty sure that I have written a post like this before.  Maybe even basically the same one.  But I needed something fun and exciting and easy.  Pictures will be up later – I think probably during the hockey game tonight!



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