Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up.  And I won’t be posting on that day because I don’t post on the weekends except for special, special occasions and I don’t have internet at home so I won’t be going out somewhere to post something.

Mother’s Day has always been a tricky day for me.  Yes, I have a mother that I have lived with all my life (basically, including now at the too-old-to-be-living-with-your-mother-age of 25).  But, I haven’t ever had money to do much for her for mother’s day.  I haven’t had the money to buy her a nice gift and I haven’t had the opportunities most of the time.

And, right now, anyways, I feel as if I have a tricky relationship with my mom (who may or may not read this blog, I’m not entirely sure).  I’m in a tough spot in my life and I feel it really affecting my familial relationships – especially those that are still living at home.  And it is not affecting them in a good way.

Regardless.  Mother’s Day is on Sunday.  And I don’t have a gift for my mom.  And I don’t think I will get her a gift per se.  I will drive to Norwich in my new car to help clean out my grandpa’s house (somewhat gladly, although not very happy to be having to spend my money on gas).  I did drive to Pittsburgh in my new car (again, somewhat gladly).  And I did cheer her on as she ran in the marathon last Sunday – a week before mother’s day.

But I can’t justify mother’s day in much the same way that I can’t justify a holiday like Valentine’s Day or Friendship Day.  It’s nice to have them and they should be acknowledged, but shouldn’t we be thankful for our mothers/friends/fathers/lovers every day, not just on the day that is meant to honor them?

I try to show my thankfulness in ways that I can (like the use of my car even when I pay for it all and trying not to complain about it).  I try to show it every day.  Hopefully that happens.  I don’t know though.  I’m just not sure.

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?  Are you a failure if you don’t get your mother a gift?  Any cheap, quick, alternative ideas as to what I can do for a Mother’s Day present so I don’t feel like a failure?


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