Boring Excitement

First, I almost wrote excitement as excitingness (that’s how tired and wired I am from lack of sleep and being with 2nd graders today).  Second, I feel like I should write something more exciting because my views have jumped drastically, but I don’t really have anything too exciting (I mean, it’s exciting to me, but might not be exciting to all of you) to say.  And I am very tired because I am sure I didn’t get nearly enough sleep this weekend and I got an awful sunburn.

So, this weekend I was in Pittsburgh.  I went with my mom and my younger brother to stay with my sister because my mom was running the marathon on Sunday.  It was great.  It was so nice to see my sister (and her girlfriend) and I’m so glad that I went.  My mom did a great job – although she had wanted to do better – and she did finish (we found out after the fact that she had wanted to give up and take the bus to the finish, but had decided not to because she knew we must be somewhere).  The downside was that it started out pretty chilly and I had a sweatshirt on, but then it got warm and I took the sweatshirt off and I got pretty badly burned.

Someday (and hopefully sooner rather than later), I will remember to put sunscreen on every single day – regardless of whether it is winter or summer and regardless of whether it is sunny or not, warm or cold.  I think that the key to this will be finding a sunscreen that doesn’t necessarily smell like sunscreen and that doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy.  Because I hate that.

The other boring excitment that I have to share is that I did buy a new car – I have a whole post coming on that tomorrow.  But, more importantly, I found out that I passed my English CST.

FYI, the English CST is a New York State Teachers Exam that will help to extend my certification to include 7-12 English.  So, by the time I am finished with my Masters will be certified to teach any grade (grades 7-12 English only) AND Special Education (birth-grade 6).  Hopefully this will help me get a leg up on the competition.  I actually dream about school districts fighting over me because I am so qualified in so many areas and (at the very least) a pretty decent teacher.  I know this will never happen, but a girl can dream.

So, I will post more tomorrow.  I am dedicating tomorrow to my new car and the perils of that.  But enjoy the rest of today.  I am hoping the rain holds off until I am in my car and on the way home from school (or at the very least until I get the kids on the bus).


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