Slacker Lacking

So yesterday, I talked about how I have been slacking.  And, in order to stop slacking, I have to make a game plan.  And if that plan goes off course, that’s okay.  But I need to have a plan so that things keep moving.

So, I do sort of have a small plan.  And my life has been moving lately.  First, I am planning on purchasing a new (new to me, it’s used) car.  I am going to head to the bank today or tomorrow to see if I can get the loan or if I need to find someone to co-sign with me.  Hopefully I can do it on my own.

A couple of weeks ago – actually, just over two weeks exactly – I took my English CST exam.  It’s a New York State Teacher Certification Exam that will qualify me to become certified in 7-12 English (as well as early childhood and childhood education, which I already have).  This was, hopefully, a strategic move on my part.

I have been picking up subbing as much as possible.

So, from here, where do I go?

Well, I want to start growing my Paparazzi business more.  My goal was to have 2 parties a month through the summer.  I didn’t hit that goal for April, but I’m going to try really hard to hit it for May.  I just need to find some people that will have parties.  And hopefully, I can make that happen.

I am going to be applying for teaching jobs – full time teaching jobs.  I am going to be applying for both elementary jobs and high school English jobs.  Hopefully, I will get either a high school English position (I’ve almost all but given up on the elementary positions) that is full time or – at the very least – an extended position in my district for the beginning of the next school year.

I am starting my Masters in Special Education this coming Fall.  So, let me recap.  I already have my early childhood and childhood certifications.  I will hopefully have my English 7-12 certification by fall.  Then, when I am done (in May 2014, I believe) with my Masters, I will add Special Education birth-grade 6.  Hopefully with this array of certifications and my dazzling personality and wonderful teaching skills, districts will be fighting to have me join their staff.  We will see.

I also want to continue taking pictures.  I’ve really been slacking on getting those up here – and even in taking them.  So, I’m going to try and do better.

Plus, I am still trying to lose weight.  I’ve been at a bit of a standstill since Easter, but I’m raring to get back into it.  Plus, water aerobics has started back up and I started boot camp last week.  So, I’m doing pretty well and will hopefully get these pesky pounds off before summer gets here – or most of them anyway.  I do want to get back into doing my yoga again – because I haven’t been doing that.

So, I have a plan.  I hope that I can make that plan a reality because I am dying for some positive things to happen for me.


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