Game 7

So, I once again don’t really have anything to say (although yesterday, after saying that, I came up with quite a bit to say).  But today won’t be like yesterday – because I really don’t know what I want to say or how I want to say it.  And I really want to read my book.  So, I’m going to talk about my favorite sport.  And the most intense moment in any sporting event.

It seems that most professional sports (NHL, NBA, MLB) have a playoff series where the teams play to the best of 7.  This means the first team to four wins goes on – or wins the ultimate prize.  So, these series can be over quickly (in a four game sweep) or they can go all the way to a game 7.

Everyone knows that game 7s are the most exciting, most stressful, most important thing that can happen in a series.  It gets people interested.  It gets them talking.  It gets them paying attention.

My beloved hockey team, the Ottawa Senators, made it into the Stanley Cup playoffs this year.  No one expected them to, but they did.  They drew the short straw (okay, their record wasn’t AMAZING and they were ranked 8th) and are playing the New York Rangers in this first round.  No one expected the Sens to even put up a fight.

But they are going to a game 7.  They will be fighting it out in one of the toughest competitions (although not quite as tough or intense as a Stanley Cup FINAL game 7) to advance to the next round.  Thursday night, game 7 of the Sens/Rangers series will take place.

Cheer on my Sens as they compete because if nothing else, it really is fun to root for the underdog!!


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