Special Olympics: A Celebration

Yesterday, I talked about being cut from the team.  About how not everyone can make the cut.  And that being cut from the team is not being bullied.  I also mentioned how there should be times for everyone to get the chance to do what they want to be able to do – even if they aren’t the “best” at it.

An organization that takes this to heart is the Special Olympics.  They take this message to heart.  They give children that would not have the opportunity to compete at all, the chance to make a dream come true.  They give them the chance to be Olympians.  And this is a great thing for them.  It gives them pride.  It makes them happy.  It gives them a purpose.

If you attend a Special Olympics game, you won’t see the same things that you see at a “regular” Olympic Games.  It is not going to be the same thing that you’ll see if you were to go to London and attend any of the 2012 Summer games.

Will there be similar aspects?  Yes, of course.

For example, you are going to see athletes competing to the best of their ability and thrilled to be finished.  You are going to see the hard work and training that has gotten the athletes to where they are.  You are going to see a display that has taken a lot of time to put together and a lot of time make happen.

You are not going to see feats of athleticism that result in breaking world records.  You are not going to see crowds of people that don’t necessarily personally know the athletes.

You are going to see pride.  From the competitors and from the coaches and families.  You are going to see happiness.  You are probably going to see a few falls and tumbles.  And you might even see a few tears.

The Special Olympics are special, indeed.  They give kids that would never have the opportunity to compete because of physical or mental handicaps the opportunity to feel the joy and pleasure that comes from working towards a goal.  Special, indeed.


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