Am I Really An Aquarius?

I love to read my horoscope.  I read it every day, but I don’t necessarily take a TON of stock in it.  I think it’s a fun way to go about my day and see what is going to happen and – hopefully – give myself a way to see things in a positive light, even if there is nothing positive about them!

I did this once before, but again, I’d like to post some Aquarius traits.  These are traits that I have collected from  I will put the trait and then a comment about whether I think it is actually about me or not.  We’ll see how much of an Aquarius I really am.  I realize this might not be completely accurate as I am only using Aquarius traits and not looking at how many traits that I portray from other zodiac signs.  But it’s fun and I need some fun right now.

#1331: Aquarians are much more deep than you think.  When you think you’ve seen it all, they’ve really only shown you half of half.
I think this is definitely true of me.  I don’t think there is a single person that knows everything about me.  In fact, most people probably don’t know much about me at all!
#1355: An Aquarius definitely overthinks situations and makes themselves panic!
Guilty.  My friends tell me that I perseverate about issues.  I’m trying to get better.
#1377: An Aquarius must learn to separate their crazy notions from what is important or even reality.
This is probably true of me.
#1378: Yeah, an Aquarius is known to be a little weird or ecclectic, but that’s what makes them unique!
I guess??
#1391: An Aquarius is sensitive when it comes to love and will notice the slightest inattention.
I don’t necessarily believe this is true.  But I don’t have a lot of experience to base it off of.
#1403: Aquarians seek for understanding of the issues that surround them.  They want details and specifics about why things are happening.
This is very true and I get VERY frustrated when I can’t figure things out!
#1417: An Aquarius’ brain can become overactive, especially at night.
I don’t think my brain does anything at night, but it can become overactive at other times!
#1420: With an Aquarius, the relationship will be enhanced if their partner respects their need for freedom as it is essential in their lifestyle.
Again, not much experience, but I guess it could be true.
#1432: An Aquarius is able to embrace anything new, from music to fashion.
I don’t mind trying new things/being introduced to new things; but I love to stick with the things I know as well.
#1453: Physical intimacy with an Aquarius is not really a pressing requirement for a fulfilling relationship.
I guess I would say that it isn’t the most important thing.  I think that’s why I can be happy with all of my friendships (as long as they are good), but I do crave a boyfriend/intimacy at times.
#1468: Aquarians will give people numerous chances and the benefit of the doubt in hopes of no disappointment, but it tends to backfire.
This is true.
#1480: Air Signs: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius – express themselves well and demonstrate good logical reasoning.  They can sometimes be cold and impractical.
#1493: Aquarians struggle to put their true feelings out there, so they’d rather bottle them up inside.
Also very true.  I know the above says we express ourselves well, but my true feelings are so much deeper and I feel like I can never validate them so I don’t want to talk about them.
#1496: An Aquarius loves knowing secrets and learning that one thing about you that no one else knows.
Secrets are great!
#1517: Aquarians hate not getting the credit and gratitude they deserve, but they keep quiet most of the time.
True.  It’s always nice to receive recognition though 🙂
#1532: An Aquarius doesn’t mind being asked to do something, but they resent being told they have to do it.
Unless it is your place to tell me to do something, don’t.  Otherwise ask and give advice and I will be happy as a peach.
#1553: An Aquarius hates money matters that involve lending and borrowing
Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil (hello, grad school and getting a new-to-me used car)
#1565: Even though Aquarian are happy to give, and they do, it’s often on their terms and within their comfort level.
I wish I could give more.
#1568: Excessive bragging and/or boasting will definitely irritate any Aquarius.
I recognize you.  You don’t have to tout your accomplishments in my face.
#1589: For the Aquarius in love, the need to belong is in constant tension with the need to rebel.
I don’t know how I rebel, but it is a major theme for Aquarians, so  I must.  And maybe I do it in ways that I don’t realize.  Like not wanting my friends to set me up or not going after someone even though I could.
#1611: An Aquarius enjoys doing things just to be different and want to stand out from the crowd.
I don’t think this is true of me at all.  I have no problem being different, but I don’t do it just for the sake of doing it.
#1612: An Aquarius loves to speak freely but tends to avoid confrontation or arguments.
I hate confrontation and arguments!
#1618: Air Signs – Gemini, Libra & Aquarius: You are all about collecting information, equality and understanding.  You are friendly and need freedom to make contact with others, but sometimes lack the ability to be in tune with human feelings.
I think this is true, but I also think I can tune in with human feelings – most of the time!
#1620: An Aquarius dislikes show-offs, borrowing money and revealing ulterior motives.
True, true and true!
#1641: Aquarians are most turned on when you are not, as detachment can be a real turn-on for them.  Their fantasies often involved getting caught having sex.  The legs is a sensitive zone for this sign.
I don’t think detachment is a real turn-on for me.  But I have always liked guys that aren’t really available to me…even the realistic ones, so maybe this is true?
#1644: Zodiac Similarities: Scorpio, Aquarius and Sagittarius all have a need for freedom.  Scorpios freely say what’s on their mind.  Aquarius hates feeling restricted in any way.  Sagittarius like the freedom to explore various avenues in life.
I do hate being restricted.  Of course the last three years of my life have been restriction as far as I can tell.  So I don’t know.
#1657: As an Aquarius, you can be aloof and sometimes distant, but it doesn’t bother you too much.
Does it bother you?
#1660: You may never know an Aquarius is worried or stressed because they can appear very cool and calm in their demeanor.
A friend you to say that I was cool, calm, collected…and sarcastic.  But as I said earlier, I perseverate like no one else!
#1681: If you can make an Aquarius think and laugh, you have a good chance with them.
Very true.  I just want to be constantly learning and growing.  And laughter is the best medicine.
#1684: If an Aquarius becomes quiet around you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are angry.  Sometimes, they just don’t feel like talking.
But it may mean that I am angry.  We Aquarians can be fickle, I guess.
#1698: Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the signs of intellect, individuality, freedom of thought and a social connection to others.
I’d like to think I’m smart, an individual, agree with freedom of though and definitely enjoy my social connection with others.
#1709: Aquarians can tell you little, insignificant things about them and make you feel close to them when you’re not.
Very few people are close to me.  We’ll see what happens with that.
#1716: Aquarians are unlikely to be overly emotional in relationships, but certain causes can bring out the anger in them.
True.  Like my family at this point in my life.  A lot about them makes me angry right now.
#1737: Aquarians may be the first to call in an emergency, but probably the last called if a friend is just looking for a shoulder to cry on because they often feel uncomfortable discussing emotional feelings.
Half true.  Please, call me in an emergency.  And I’ll listen to you if you’re feeling down, but I might not know how to react/what to do – so don’t take that the wrong way.
#1740: Aquarius prefers to hear all sides of the story before forming their own opinion.
Very true.  Very, very true.
#1761: An Aquarius finds humor in a lot of things.  Their funny bone gets tickled pretty easily.
So true.  I’ve always told people that I am easily amused.  It doesn’t take much at all to make me laugh.
#1773: An Aquarius has no desire to be what others want them to be.  They take pride in being their own person.
I am half and half on this one.  I want to be my own person, but I want to please people as well.
#1786: An Aquarius is capable of sacrificing their life for a loved one, yet they can forget to say something as simple as “I love you”.
True.  Don’t expect to hear too many I love yous from me.
#1791: Capricorn/Aquarius unions: Both are strong, self-sufficient people with a great capacity to respect the strength in each other.  You share a need for privacy, desire for structure in your life, and a preference for rational talks rather than heated emotional exchanges.  Both are more sensitive than you seem.  Try to be honest to yourselves and each other about what you really feel and need from each other and things will be fine.
I think this describes me pretty well.
#1804: An Aquarius decides how they should treat you mostly based on how you treat them first.
I’d like to think yes and no.  I give people the benefit of the doubt, but if you don’t treat me well, I will be very upset about it.
#1807: Wanna piss off an Aquarius?  Pay them no attention.  Rejection makes them cringe.
Rejection does make me cringe.  It makes me cringe so much that it is crippling.
#1828: How to attract an Aquarius: good communication is key, have variety in your dates – think of interesting things to do, don’t nag or complain too much, show them something good that sets you aside from others, stimulate their mind.
True.  All of it.
#1840: Aquarius and Relationships: When it comes to love, you are a funny creature.  You can be impatient and unpredictable with your romantic partners, opposite of how you usually are with your friends.  Since you need lots of freedom, you may be drawn to a long-distance relationship.  Connecting with your partner mentally is more important than seeing them in the flesh every day.  You have a lot to offer your mates, never lose sight of this!  A serious relationship doesn’t mean you’re no longer an individual.  Remember that.
I think this is all true.  And I think I’m ready to maybe start trying to find someone.  We’ll see if this holds true as I journey down that path.
#1854: When an Aquarius starts stressing out about too many things to do, they typically step aside and do nothing at all.
Very true.  If I can’t make a decision about something or I’m too stressed out, I become frozen and can’t do anything at all.
#1867: Aquarians take great offense to anyone who takes them for granted.  It may take them quite a while to get over such behavior.
#1879: Aquarians are spontaneous in many aspects of their life, so it won’t be different in the bedroom — or wherever they decide to have their sexual innuendos.
I don’t know how spontaneous I am…anywhere.
#1882: An an Aquarius, you/you’re: extremely friendly and inviting, but you may also come across as distant/hard to figure out; more concerned with having good communication in  your relationships and value friendships; don’t do too well with emotions; enjoy things other may deem weird or different.
All true I think.
#1896: Air Signs (Gemini, Libra & Aquarius):  These signs love to get their ideas across to the world.  They find many things interesting, enjoy looking at things with a new perspective and usually get along with all types of people.  Although they are generally well liked, they are very keen on things going their way and need balance in their life to maintain.
Again, all true I think.
#1907: Aquarians will not accommodate you just because you aren’t pleased with their personality.  They typically feel you should accept them or avoid them.
I don’t think this is true.  The first part is true, but I’m pretty easy going and if you want to talk to me about something, please do and we’ll figure it out!
#1910: Aquarians are usually generous with their money.  They don’t mind giving away a dollar or two, if they have it to spare.
#1931: An Aquarius hates when their ideas or opinions are shot down, because they usually are open-minded of other people’s views.
So true.  I’ll listen to you.  You listen to me.  We’ll give the best idea – or a compromise – the shot!
#1934: Having a social life is very important for an Aquarius.
Well…I don’t know about this.  It is, but it isn’t.  And it all depends on who it is the social life is with and what we’re doing.
#1965: Aquarius has a habit of acting aloof, completely tuning out and not taking time to explain what is going on, which only creates confusion in a relationship.
This is very true for me.  And I apologize to all of my friends for it.
#1966: As an Aquarius, you often use your friends as sounding boards for your abundant ideas.  In the end, however, Aquarius follows no one.
I think this is probably true as well.  I need to have people hear me and talk with me, but I want their validation and to hear that my ideas aren’t crazy, but worth pursuing.
#1970: Aquarius will definitely internalize their hurt but they show it in ways for you to get the message.
I do internalize, but I don’t know if I show it in way that actually get the message across.
#1981: Aries/Aquarius: Aries has a great chance at love with Aquarius because there is a strong basis of friendship.  Both of you are rebels in a way and will respect each other’s need of freedom and sometimes of loneliness.
??? No clue if this is true or not.
#1985: Aquarius can’t help but over think and analyze things, something they have in common with Virgo!
So true.  Right back to perseveration.
#1997: If you ask an Aquarius to talk about their problems, they may decide to go another route instead.  They’re good listeners to yours however.
Again, true.  I don’t want to talk about my problems necessarily.  But I listen like a champ!

If you want to look at your traits, head over to and look up your zodiac sign!


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