Ooops, Not Happening

I promised you pictures today.  But my week has been awful and I just can’t do it.  Because I can’t.  I didn’t get them off my camera.  But I’m in again on Monday at the elementary school, so I will be sure to have a whole batch of photos for you then.  I promise.

And I won’t break the promise this time.  My life has just becoming incredibly not what I want it to be lately.  So, I want to apologize and let you know they are coming (the pictures) and it will be a big post.  I may even wait until Tuesday – I know you guys don’t want that, but I might and then do another post after Easter (where hopefully I’ll have some great images to share with you).

That’s all I have for you today though because if I go into how awful my week has been, I will seriously starting getting upset and angry and I don’t want to do that.

So have a fantastic weekend all!


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