A Disappointment

For those of you that know me, you know about my love affair with Niagara University.  I still have this love affair with them although things are changing and it’s making me apprehensive about whether my time mattered all that much.

One of the major things that Niagara cemented for me was my love for hockey.  I have talked about how much I love hockey before and I talked about many reasons (among them the gorgeous guys that I can fawn over that play the game – although I hope I don’t do it in a creepy/stalkerish way like the girls that were behind me at the last AHL game I went to).  Another reason was that my first year as an RA, I had almost all of the incoming freshmen hockey girls on my floor (some of them living right next door to me).

These girls were funny and sweet and, yes, they were trouble.  They never caused problems that any other person would have caused and most of the time their pranks were harmless.  I grew to love these girls as friends and peers.  And I respected them as they played the game that they loved and balanced their school work.

I haven’t talked to some of these girls in a couple of years, but I tried to keep in touch with a few of them for a little while once I had graduated – especially while they were still at school.

Last week, I believe it was on Thursday, I read a disappointing article on the Niagara University webpage.  Niagara was restructuring their athletics.  This meant they were getting rid of women’s hockey.

When I read this I was, and still am (to be perfectly honest), baffled.  I don’t understand how they could get rid of this program and what it will do for the athletics program.  I understand that I am not looking at the big picture necessarily and that I am thinking of how this would have personally affected me had this happened while I was in school. 

Because, despite the fact that I was not best friends with these girls, I was friends with some of them.  And I still think of many of them fondly and hope that they are doing extremely well and living out all of their dreams.  I know that a few of them are playing in a professional Canadian league along with their day jobs.

I hope that Niagara reconsiders this and brings the program back sooner rather than later and that it is not gone for good.  If you would like to show your support, please go and sign this petition.  I know that it will mean a lot to me, a lot to current players and coaches AND a lot to the alumni of the program.  Don’t let such an amazing dream and reality die for so many.


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