A Major Vice

Do you have any vices?  I have a few.  And as far as vices go they aren’t anything super substantial.  I have trouble sticking to the speed limit.  I have a major sweet tooth (and an inability to control my consumption if more than a serving is in my vacinity).  I tend to think that I deserve more than I probably do (but I do work my butt off for what I have).

But one of my worst vices (and it is getting better) is worrying.  I have always been a worrier.  I worry about everything – from the things that really matter to the things that don’t even begin to matter.  I care what other people think and I worry about that. 

When I was in college, a friend wanted to cure me of my worrying.  He thought for sure that the way to do this was to get me drunk.  So one summer when we were both on campus (we were both RAs for the summer), we made a deal.  He would be able to get me drunk – assuming responsibility for keeping me safe – if he would honestly attempt to quit chewing (I think chewing is an absolutely disgusting habit).

The pact was made, but we never really went through with it.  I’m not sure if he still chews, but I’d like to think that I don’t worry as much as I did.  Even a few years ago.  And I know that I don’t worry as much as I did when I was in high school.

But I also know that I will always be a worrier.  And down the road, I am probably going to pick back up my worrying habit hardcore – when I have kids, when I get my first real classroom, when I finally publish a book, when I am planning my wedding, when my parents get older and I’m not sure how to take care of them.

I think it’s good that right now, at this point in my life when I can focus on relieving worries, that I do so.  Because, hopefully, when I get back to the worrywart stage of my life, I will have better tools than I did in high school or even college.

Do you have any vices?  Do you have any advice for me about curbing my worries? (I will always take free advice!)  Does anyone accuse you of worrying too much?  What was the last big thing that you worried about?


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