Survey Monday

Yes, I know that it’s Tuesday.  But I was supposed to work yesterday and then there were some pipe issues so I I didn’t get to work.  And, thus, didn’t have internet.  So enjoy this belated survey post!

A is for age: 25, as crazy as that seems to me.

B is for breakfast today: 2 pieces of whole grain toast with Peanut Butter and a banana sliced on top

C is for currently craving: sweets – chocolate, jelly beans…I sort of fell off the sweets wagon this past week, but I’m going to get back on soon. 

D is for dinner tonight: baked ziti with veggies

E is for favorite type of exercise: almost anything, but currently I am loving my yoga time more than anything!

F is for an irrational fear: don’t even get me started, but one of the weirdest ones (at least to other people, I think) is my irrational fear of walking over grates/sewers

G is for gross food: I can be pretty picky when it comes to food…I’m not a gamey person at all and don’t eat a ton of meat (and might give up everything but chicken since I’m doing so well with the vegetarian thing during lent)

H is for hometown: Binghamton, NY

I is for something important: creativity

J is for current favorite jam: Play Me That Song by Brantley Gilbert (it’s an oldie that I just got introduced to…I’m also loving jamming out to any and all of my Jana Kramer songs!)

K is for kids: someday…until then, the kids in the classroom are all mine!

L is for current location: Endicott, NY

M is for the most recent way you spent money: food, my car (gas and paying off the $1000 in brake work that was done in January)…will be paying my grad entrance fee and a fee for a CST test this week…I’ve also been spending a lot of money on music and books lately

N is for something you need: money/a steady job (I have car stuff to pay off and my car is going to go kaput soon, I need to pay off my student loans and pay for college, I’d like to be able to move out and live on my own, etc., etc., etc.)

O is for occupation: substitute teacher aspiring to be a full time teacher with my own classroom and building a small photography business (maybe) and write on the side

P is for pet peeve: I have some slight OCD so sometimes you never can tell…but I hate when people lie about really big/important things and when people make fun of things out of their control ruthlessly (I can’t help it that I don’t like my food touching, so tease me about it, but don’t get out of control)

Q is for a quote: I love quotes, my favorite show for quotes is One Tree Hill and I will routinely write down quotes from books as I read them…

R is for random fact about you: I am very easily amused and when I feel like I’m laughing inappropriately (either in a moment or in volume), I will cover my mouth with my hand

S is for favorite healthy snack: apples, fruit (in general), cucumbers, carrots

T is for favorite treat: almost any type of sweet (ice cream, chocolate bars, cake, brownies, cookies…I have a MAJOR sweet tooth)

U is for something that makes you unique: I have written 3 novels (I only finished one of them and none of them have been published, but maybe someday)

V is for favorite vegetable: carrots – raw, cooked, in cake form…I love them!

W is for today’s workout: 1 hour on the elliptical and 2 15 minute gentle yoga sessions

X is for X-rays you’ve had: just my teeth at the dentist

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: dinner at my dad’s house with my brother and my dad’s girlfriend…it was nice and relaxing and fun! 

Z is for your time zone: Eastern


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