Is Winter Finally Coming?

I am writing a quick and hasty post now because, it seems, that winter might finally be coming.

We have had a couple of days where we’ve gotten a couple of inches of snow.  It’s been fine, nothing to gripe about and no snow days from school. 

But I guess there are predictions for 3-5 inches tonight (woo hoo, we’re all saying…not much!).  The issue is that we can get excited over 3-5 inches because we haven’t seen any snow – well, hardly any.  And this is a time when school might be cancelled or delayed. 

Now, having said all this and planning this brief post probably means that won’t happen, but just in case.  I’ve written…it’s good.

If we don’t get the snow (or it gets super nice like it is supposed to tomorrow during the day), I will write another (and better, I promise!) post about my wonderful night last night and post some pictures for all of you that follow that part of my blog. 

If we do get snow, maybe I’ll do some of that on Saturday 🙂

The downside to all of this would be that I would have to miss water aerobics, which would make me very, very sad 😦

Have you gotten a lot of winter weather this year or does it seem like winter never really came?


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