Homophobic Issues

I do not believe that I am homophobic.  I believe that I am actually very open and just want the people that I love to be happy.  But I have a very curious question.

I was at the movies the other day, Valentine’s Day in fact (and yes, I went alone…and why, yes, I did see The Vow…by myself…on Valentine’s Day – but don’t worry, I really enjoy going to movies alone).  Anyway, I saw two girls who looked like they were maybe just out of high school, so probably college aged sitting together when I got there.  I saw numerous couples walking in, holding hands and chatting and trying to find seats.  When I saw the two girls, I automatically assumed that they were friends.  They were already in their seats when I got there, so I have no point of reference of how they entered the theater, decided where to sit, etc.

But I automatically assumed.  They were friends.  Maybe even best friends.  But they were not in a relationship. 

And I do this.  A lot.

And my question is: does this make me homophobic?  Or does it just mean that I am pushing my own experiences onto other people? 

Because, you see, I would totally  have gone with one of my best friends (if they lived closer) to see this movie.  I really would have.

And I’m not gay or bisexual.

But I know people who are.  And I know people who have dabbled in curiosity with it.

My sister has been dating a girl (well, they’re both women really if we want to be technical) for four or five years now.  I had a close friend in college that was dating another girl.  One of the people that I was RAs with was gay.  I was not uncomfortable, am not uncomfortable, with any of this.

But when I see two girls together at the movies, I assume they are friends.  Because if I were there with a girl, she would be my friend.  Possibly a new friend, possibly my best friend.  But that would be it.

And I worry that this makes me slightly homophobic.  But I don’t know.

This entry might be very un-PC.  It might be disjointed.  It might not make sense.

But if you were able to wrap your head around what I’ve said, please let me know what you think.

Am I homophobic or am I just putting everything into my frame of reference?  Do you know many gay/bisexual people?  Are any of your close family or friends gay or bisexual?  Please share, I’m interested 🙂


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