That First Acknowledgement

There is something so special about the first acknowledgement of something; either the first time that you acknowledge something or the first time that someone acknowledges something about you.  Think about it: we strive for these acknowledgements.  As babies, we want to please people, so when they acknowledge that we are doing something right, we continue to do it.  As we get older, we continue to strive for those things as well.

Think about the first time you had a crush on someone – probably a movie star or someone else that was, most likely, unattainable and unrealistic.  It was still that acknowledgement.  Now think of the first time that you had a crush one someone “real” – someone that was a part of your life and that something could maybe actually happen with.  Another acknowledgement.  That first time that you were “in love.”  Maybe afterwards, you realized that it wasn’t love or not love as you know it now, but you still acknowledged it and you will always remember it.  I’m sure it feels that way the first time that you are officially announced as husband and wife.

These first acknowledgements will stick in our minds and remind us of why we are doing the things that we do.  That first time you get praised at your job might be harder to hold on to than the first time (or what can seem like many times after) that you got criticized, but the memory of it is potent and so powerful. 

And I’m not saying that the magicalness is any less after that first time, but the first time will always shock and surprise you more than any other time afterwards.

Take for example, the Grammys.  Taylor Swift has performed millions of times and in front of millions of fans.  She has built an empire around herself and I would think that it would become commonplace to get standing ovations and people that were so happy to see you perform and be in your presence (please keep in mind that I, obviously, have NO experience with this).  But the look of wonder on her face after she had performed “Mean” at the Grammys Sunday night was just magical to me.  It made me realize that maybe that wonder doesn’t go away and you can still be caught by surprise.

I received a first acknowledgement yesterday.  As many of you know, I have been working out: regularly and sometimes very intensely.  I have enjoyed it so much and while I want to lose weight and look better, my ultimate goal is to get healthy and feel good about myself again.  And it’s working.  I have built up a great rapport with myself and on days when I don’t work out, I feel so lazy and horrible.  Well, on Monday I received my first acknowledgement.

I started water aerobics again on Monday.  I am definitely the youngest girl there, but I really enjoy it and while I wish that I could have someone else my age there, I love the ladies who are there and I am able to work out and have fun as well.  Anyways, we have been on “hiatus” for lack of a better term.  Our last session ended in December before Christmas and we just started back up.  At the end of the class, one of the ladies asked me if I had lost weight and told me that I looked great.  Then, she used that magical work and said that I looked healthy.

And I felt great.  It was just so magical to hear that.  I have never consciously wanted to lose weight before.  I have said I want to get healthy and I have worked out, but I’m doing more than that now and I do want to lose weight.  And that this woman realized and acknowledged it made me feel so great.  It made me feel better than any brownie or fast food meal could and it made me realize that my hard work really is paying off.  And that thrills me.

How do you feel about first acknowledgements?  Do you agree that they hold a special type of power (even if all the times after that are still magical isn’t there something special about the first)?  Have you ever had your spirits boosted by someone that you least expect?


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