Dreaming With A Broken Heart

This is one of my favorite John Mayer songs.  And it has nothing to do with this post.  At all.  At least not really.

Due to my fascination with sleep, it would follow that I am fascinated with dreams as well.  This fascination actually started pretty early for me.  Because, the problem is…I don’t remember my dreams.  Ever.  Well, rarely really.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had a dream at night.  I do all my dreaming with my eyes wide open and my body awake.

So, I wonder what other people dream about.  Does it give them ideas as to what they will do with their lives?  Do you dream in color or in black and white?  Do you think that your dreams give you messages?  Who do you share your dreams with?

It’s all a foreign concept to me and it amazes me.  From my understanding and recollection of my research back when I was in middle school, I think the fact that I don’t remember has something to do with REM sleep and something like that.  I was going to look it up, but this is late anyways.  So, I am going to post this – although it may be subpar – and then later today I will be writing another post later today…and I will have time, I promise.  Things to do here at school now.

What has been your latest dream?  Do you daydream more than you dream at night (like me)?  Do you dream in color or in black and white?


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