I Like To Move It, Move It!

I have always enjoyed exercising.  I don’t always enjoy finding the time to do it, but I know that when I do, I feel so much better about myself.  I have told myself that I want to lose weight and never put any real effort into it.  But now, I am going to start – I have started.  I have been exercising regularly for 2 months.  However, I have not put any effort into changing my diet.  That starts now.  I am starting a food diary (beginning on Sunday) and am going to make an effort to plan out my meals and do more cooking.  (Side note: my brother is in a culinary program [my sister already completed one, but my brother still lives with me] and I am making him teach me some of the tricks of the trade…so far this week we have made a to die for Chicken Bruschetta Bake – that will definitely be on the table again and some fantastic chicken quesadillas…must start simple!)  So, I will be continuing my working out, although I have tweaked things.

Here is my plan: I will begin charting my food and eating healthier (hopefully).  I will continue working out, integrating both shorter workouts and my longer workouts where I watch a movie.  I have found that during my shorter workouts (around an hour), I give more to it whereas when I am watching a movie (about an hour and a half or a little longer), I am just doing the working out and not necessarily putting a lot of effort into it.  I would also like to start differentiating a little more (which will occur as I start up water aerobics and then begin a boot camp class that I bought online).

The thing that I am most pleased with myself is my progress with yoga.  Now, I am most definitely still a beginner and I am still not anything close to what I would call flexible.  But.  (And this is a HUGE but for me)  I have seen my flexibility increase.  I’m still pretty stiff in the mornings, but by the end of the night when I do my evening yoga, I can touch my toes (I know that doesn’t sound impressive, but I’m telling you I was so inflexible that this is a huge achievement for me).  So, I am happy.  I’m excited.  I’m so glad that I’m doing it.  I want to take it further, but am not sure how to progress from my gentle yoga to more intense yoga (especially given that I am doing it at home).  Any ideas or suggestions?

Ultimately, I am looking to drop weight.  More importantly, I am looking to drop inches and at least 2 pant sizes (maybe, hopefully 3?).  Most importantly, I am looking to be healthy.  So that I can enjoy myself and the way that I look.  So that I can enjoy my treats when I have them – and not treat myself every day.  So I can be an example for other people.

Have you checked in with your plans?  How are things going?  Any advice or suggestions for me?


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