Where Are You, Winter?

I don’t think I’ve ever experienced Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) until this year.  You see, I’m a four seasons girl.  I love the summer with it’s heat and sun and pools and relaxing (hopefully).  I love the fall with cooler temperatures and being able to wear jeans and sweaters and changing leaves.  I love the spring for it’s rain showers and birds and dethawing of winter.  And, yes, I even love winter.  For it’s pureness, it’s white and sparkling newness, it’s cold that helps me appreciate the warmth and the ability to cozy up in sweaters that are large and fun and meant to keep you warm.  (Now, don’t get me wrong, if there is one thing I hate most in the winter, it’s driving in the snow…but if that’s what I have to take.  Plus, if it’s going to be cold, it had better freaking snow!)

But I don’t know where winter is this year.  The weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind.  We go through a few days of a cold spell where it’s freezing cold, but there is no snow (the worst kind of winter weather).  But then we get up to temperatures in the 40s and 50s.  We have had one real snowfall and the roads were fine by mid to late morning for driving.  We have seen more rain than snow this winter…and that’s not okay at all.

Today, I was driving to pick up my brother and it was 11:10 in the morning.  The creek (which has probably only been frozen for like a week) had water swiftly running through it again…no more frozen water at all!  I saw a bluejay at the top of the hill – a blue jay!!  IN JANUARY!!!  IN UPSTATE NY!!!  This is not normal.

And I think the reason I have SAD this year is because of a lot of things, but also because we aren’t getting any sun (which isn’t abnormal).  But in addition to not getting any sun, we aren’t getting any snow either.  We’re getting rain.  And it’s miserable.  That’s not what life is supposed to be like here.  And I don’t like it.

How is your winter going?  Have you gotten a lot of snow?  Have you gotten SAD this year?  Don’t you think it’s funny that it spells sad?  That’s all.  Pictures up tomorrow possibly as I am going to head somewhere with internet (Starbucks, BN, McDs) to finish up my grad school application.  Sorry no pictures, but I promise on Monday…that’s my day to catch up on things: going to do my taxes, put up pictures and be productive!!


One thought on “Where Are You, Winter?

  1. I personally have enjoyed the warmer winter this year. I have injuries which get worse the colder it gets, so for me, it’s better when it is warmer. I do live in Tennessee, so It usually is not like below freezing here.

    I hope when spring comes you will at least feel better seeing the greens coming to life and the flowers popping out. I love spring. I love Fall for the turning of the leaves. I love the HOT weather in the summer.


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