Finally Friday, Again

I feel like it’s finally Friday.  Again.  Just like last week.  Only this week was even more of an up and down roller coaster than last week.

I spent the last couple hours copying and pasting while supervising high school kids.  I am tired.  The copy and paste stopped working.  So I couldn’t finish.  It made me angry and upset.  I might try and go back in and do some more, I haven’t decided.

Recently, I’ve been feeling just down.  I have been feeling like I don’t want to deal with people and just down about things.  I know part of it has to do with the fact that my birthday is coming up.  A big birthday to me (like a little kid, what birthday isn’t bit).  A birthday that I’d like to celebrate more, but don’t know how to celebrate more.  A birthday where I will miss my friends dearly.

But I have also been feeling unworthy of my friends.  Like I need to keep in better contact and I need to be a better friend to them.  I have great friends.  But I keep to myself.  A lot.  More than most people do with their friends.  It’s how I’ve always been.  I read a zodiac that put it into perspective: #1493: Aquarians struggle to put their true feelings out there, so they’d rather bottle them up inside.  That’s me.  To a T.  And I don’t think it makes me a great friend.

So, this weekend will be a roller coaster.  I am going to read – finishing up the fourth book for the Sisterhood tonight and possibly starting Sisterhood Everlasting.  I will talk with an old and dear friend.  I will do my first party for Paparazzi.  I will, hopefully, get to a hockey game with some friends.  I’m excited.  It should be fun.  But it may be a little depressing to.

Story of my life.

How have you been feeling?  What do you do when you’re feeling down?  How do you keep in touch with your friends and make them feel like they are a bigger part of you than they may think they are?


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