Self Portrait Project: Days 1-5

I was talking with a teacher that I am subbing for next week.  I jokingly told her that if she was taking off because it was Friday the 13th and she knew bad things were going to happen, I would hold it against her.  She told me that she was actually taking off because it was her birthday and she was having a long weekend with her dad – whose birthday is also that weekend.  It made me smile.  Because this month, I turn 25.  It’s scary, even though I know it shouldn’t be.

But here’s the thing.  From everyone I’ve ever heard from – your 20s suck.  Sure, you can start legally drinking.  But you’re in between everything else.  Your first couple years are okay or not, depending on your college experience.  But after that, you’re trying to find a job and establish yourself and it’s hard – especially in today’s economy.

In an effort to make my 20s the best I can (even if my 30s are way better than my 20s), I am challenging myself.  One of the ways that I am challenging myself this year is to complete a self portrait project.  It’s a play on a 365 Project.  But instead of random photos, I will take one photo of myself every day for a year. 

It will be hard.

It will be challenging.

Some days will be great.

And I’m sure that some days (maybe even many days) will be not-so-great.

So, here is my first batch.  Enjoy!

What do you think about my first batch of self portraits?  Are you intrigued?  I think that this will be a very fun project and I’m excited to complete it. 

Do you get freaked out by “big” birthdays?  What about by milestones?  Any suggestions to make my 20s better?  How to muddle through a difficult time?  Ideas for self portraits?  Comments/suggestions? 

Coming next week…a look at new themes for my blog for the year – or at least a little bit of time.


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