30 Before 30: Checking In

I promised you an update and here it is.  I am going to look at and think about my 30 before 30 list.  As you know, I have a big birthday coming up next year…and no, it’s not my 30th.  It’s my 25th.  But that means I really need to take stock in getting my list up to date and having this really happen.

I have decided to slightly edit my list.  Kelly and Regis are no longer on the show together (and I can’t watch it anyways because of my lack of cable).  So I am going to switch that to go to a taping of Anderson Cooper’s new daytime show.  Why?  Because I love Anderson Cooper.  He makes me laugh and it makes me excited to think that I could go and see his show in person.  I also changed number 23 from learn to juggle to reach a goal weight of 125-130 pounds.

So, I have 2 open spots still (and I plan to leave those open for a while yet because I want to leave room for growth – I mean, I can always change things…as evidenced by what I just did…but I want to leave them open.  Because even a few years can make a huge difference).  I have completed 3 of my tasks, which means I have 27 left.   That means that I need to complete about 5 or 6 tasks a year to be a winner.  So, what should I plan to tackle this next year?  Let’s have a look.

I have already started a 365 project and it is in full swing.  You can check it out by clicking on my 365 category or by looking at the tab up top!  I am really excited about this and hope to make photography a much bigger part of my life as I continue this project.   I am also looking to start a 365 self portrait project next year.  These are both important to me as I am beginning to explore photography as a part time option maybe?

I have started a 52 book challenge (which means a book a week or 4-5 books a month) that I hope to complete.  It might mean ditching books that aren’t moving me.  Reading children’s novels (which I am totally into) and continuing to not watch much TV (which has been curtailed by my lack of cable).  I am excited to hopefully complete this and will probably be stock piling early on in the year as I may be starting my masters this year.

I would like to run the warrior dash this year.  The one in New York is August 11 and 12, and I should be able to train and run it at that point.  I think it would be a lot of fun.

Going hand in hand with that, I would love to reach a healthy goal weight of 125-130 pounds this year.  It isn’t a TON of weight to lose, but it will take discipline and a change in my diet.  Ultimately, I would really just like to be healthy and feel great again.  I have been working out pretty faithfully and will not be stopping while dog sitting as the family has some excellent exercise equipment that I am going to take full advantage of while here for a week.

I think that I’d also like to add learn to play piano in here.  I don’t know if this one will happen, but it might and that would make me extremely happy.  And it gives me things to look forward to.

I have recently been getting pretty crafty and I am hoping that throughout this year, I keep that spirit alive and that I am able to make a lot of my Christmas presents next year (the time has long gone for this year).  Maybe this next year I will even manage to move out of my mother’s house and get my own place.  I just have so many things that I want to accomplish.

Another post tomorrow or Monday (definitely taking Sunday off) about goals for the new year, in addition to these goals.  And a post with pictures coming up soon as well – maybe tomorrow morning, maybe not until Monday and after Christmas.  We will see.

How old are you?  Do you still think of “big” birthdays?  Do you have a 30 before 30 list?


2 thoughts on “30 Before 30: Checking In

  1. So I’m 30 next May, and quite frankly that is scary!!!! Playing the piano should definitely be on your list, my Mum has been teaching me to play this year, and I absolutely love it. And you can do it, I’m as un-musical as anything but I can manage a very slow tune now. (My number one thing, now, after and before lots of thinking, would ne to find an illustration agent full stop.)


    • I really do want to learn – I would probably have to teach myself and need to obtain a keyboard at the very least (let’s be serious only a keyboard as I don’t have room for anything else…I probably, in reality, don’t even have room for a keyboard). Plus, it would help in getting me to reach another one of my 30 before 30s which is to participate in February Album Writing Month 🙂

      I turn 25 next month and as I’ve said in a previous post, I know it shouldn’t be a huge deal, and I’m starting to embrace it…I’m just not where I thought I would be at 25 and that is sometimes hard to swallow.


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