30 Day Challenge: Day 24

Here I am.  I have to write about my favorite movie.  I don’t know that I really have a favorite movie, but I will write about one of my favorite movies.  I love to watch movies and there are plenty that I could watch over and over again (Mighty Ducks, Disney movies, P.S. I Love You).  If someone sits me down in front of a movie, I will most likely watch it – and a good majority of the time, I will enjoy it.  But the movie I am going to talk about today is a classic (in my mind).  It’s really a toss up between two movies.  Beauty and the Beast and Pretty Woman.  But I’m going to let Pretty Woman edge out Beauty and the Beast on this one.

Pretty Woman is basically (in the paraphrased words of another movie – Friends With Benefits) about a hooker that finds true love and lives happily ever after.  In essence, it is way more than that.  It’s about a woman who is “forced” to be a hooker.  And she breaks her rules.  And she falls in love.

I love it.  I love that Julia Roberts is the lead actress.  And I love the story line.  Plus, Richard Gere is great in his role.  It just gives me hope and makes me think that, maybe, eventually, I will find the person and the thing that I am looking for.  Heck, if it can happen for Vivian – it can happen for me.  That’s what I have to believe.  I guess we’ll see what happens.

What is your favorite movie?  Have you ever seen Pretty Woman?  Do you enjoy it?


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