30 Day Challenge: Day 18

So, today, I am supposed to write about a book that I could read over and over again and never get sick of it.  And I’m going to cheat a little bit.  I would like to begin by saying that I love to read.  I think it’s the best form of entertainment there is and I love to lose myself in the characters and in the story.  I will read just about anything I can get my hands on and when I was a kid, I read all the time.  You wouldn’t find me without a book.  But, since I have started growing up and reading more/different things than my friends/mom/family, I find it harder to obtain books because I don’t always have the money to buy them.  So, I read a lot – the only thing I don’t necessarily like is thriller/suspense (my imagination can sometimes get away with me).  Otherwise, bring on the suggestions!

So, what am I going to list as the book(s) that I would read over and over again and not get sick of.  The Harry Potter series.  I have, in fact, read this series over and over again.  I started these books by accident – my grandmother had gotten the first few for my brother (so that he would read more) and I picked them up one summer when I was bored.  Needless to say, I got hooked.  Ever since the fourth one came out, I have read all of them at least twice (maybe three times) and I assure you that I will be reading them again – and I will read them to my kids and have them read them.

I know it’s a bit of cop out, but that’s what I choose.  Do you have any suggestions for books?  Like, I said – I read anything…but keep in mind I am on a budget so I might not be able to get anything new anytime soon…

What book would you read over and over again?  Did you read the Harry Potter series?  Did you enjoy it?


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