365 Project: Days 40-46

I am definitely beginning to see how great this project is.  As much as I do tend to gripe about it and talk about how I have no motivation (really, I need some serious ideas people…help me out!!), it is really great for looking back on my week.  This week’s pictures are so great and have so much story behind them.  I had a really rough start to the week and I think that my favorite picture this week was the bowl of ice cream.  I had been having a particularly hard day and so I treated myself to a large (very large, probably too large) bowl of ice cream.  When I snapped the picture (since I needed one and hadn’t taken one yet that day – mind you this was 8 o’ clock and I was going to bed soon), it got the side of the bowl that said “We all scream.”  Well, I had felt like screaming and it was completely accidental but so perfect.  I also played with some settings on my camera this week and cropped a few of the pictures.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s photos.  If you want to see my other photos you can click on the 365 Project Category along the side —> over there and have a look through everything.  I do not want to give up, but I am having some serious issues finding things I want to take pictures of.  Any ideas/help/suggestions?  I appreciate all of them!!


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