30 Day Challenge: Day 15

Once I have finished writing this entry, I will have written half of my entries for the 30 day challenge.  Today’s entry may be interesting, or it may not.  Some of these might be facts that you know about me (if you know me or if you read this blog faithfully).  But, now they’re all going to be listed together and maybe there will even be a new one thrown in there.  Enjoy!!

  1. I have a twin brother.  This used to be a well-known fact, but as I have gotten older and we haven’t been together as often, fewer people know this about me.  He is one of my 5 siblings.
  2. I love hockey.  My fascination began when I went to Niagara University to school and promised to give it a chance.  I did and I fell in love almost instantly.
  3. There are times when I would much rather be living in Canada than the US (a product of my love for hockey and my time at Niagara – I was not one of the many that did not embrace the Canadians).
  4. Niagara University will always be a place that is near and dear in my heart.  I will always love it and cherish it for the wonderfulness it provided me, the lessons it taught me and the friends it gave to me.  I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else for my undergrad.
  5. My favorite color is purple – and it was that way before I attended Niagara!
  6. I have “competed” and won 2 NaNoWriMos.  I am doing NaNoWriMo again this year and hoping that I write a story that I deem good enough to enter into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award – IF it’s good enough.
  7. On top of hockey and writing, I love to listen to music.  My favorite and most listened to music is country and I can’t imagine being in love with any other genre.  The musicians are fantastic, the concerts are always great and everything makes me happy!
  8. I have never had a real relationship (in the boyfriend/girlfriend sense and it could escalate to marriage).  It’s probably a combination of my trust issues and my busy-ness/brokeness.  Despite this, I really want one.
  9. I am trying my hand at photography – I have a little point and shoot, but I’m doing a 365 day project and it’s coming along grandly.  You can see my pictures so far (updated every Sunday) by click on the 365 Project link under Categories.
  10. I just switched to iTunes like a month or two ago.  Until that point, I had used Windows Media player – so far I’m glad that I have switched (especially since I am hoping to possibly get an iTouch for myself or for Christmas).
  11. If I had the money, I would go see a movie every week probably.  I love movies and I wish I could go and see a new movie – I would find one without a problem.  11a.  I don’t mind and love to go see movies in the theater by myself.
  12. If I had the money, I would donate my clothes and get new ones every season.  I think this would be so much fun and such a good time.  It would also make me feel good about giving my gently used clothes to others that might need them.
  13. The only “sports” I ever participated in: dancing, gymnastics and cross country.  The only one I took seriously: running.  I really regret having stopped and I hope that as I get back in shape I can get back to running as well.
  14. I could easily sleep 10 hours a night probably – without any problems.  Getting only 6 or 7 seriously limits me after a few days and makes me doze off without any provocation.
  15. I have taken to loving winning contests.  Last year, I won the album avalanche from my local country station (40 cds and a trip to nashville) and this year I might try again but really hoping to win a contest on another station regarding the local hockey team.

There it is!!  My 15 interesting facts.  I hope that you actually found them interesting.  Tell me some interesting facts about you!!

Do you have any of the same interesting facts as me?  What is the most interesting fact about you?  What do you think is my most interesting fact in this list?  Do you think I could be more interesting?


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