30 Day Challenge: Day 11

Before I did today’s challenge, I was forced to do something that I had been meaning to do for a while.  I got a new computer a while back because mine kept crapping out (it was almost 6 years old, so I guess I can understand that) and I hadn’t transferred all my music onto it yet (it is SO time consuming, when you go to a new program – I just started using iTunes).  Anyways, I have almost all of it – a couple of things wouldn’t transfer and I couldn’t find a few of the things.  I guess we’ll see.  My music collection may never be the same again.

Anyways,  I bring to you, day 11 of my 30 day challenge: the first 10 songs to come up via shuffle on iTunes (you really can tell a lot about a person from their music collection):

From This Dream by Little Big Town – although not my favorite song from them, I find it fitting that Little Big Town came up first because I’ve decided that if I have to put one band as my all time favorite it would be Little Big Town.

Already Gone by Sugarland – this is  probably my second favorite band.  I have seen both Little Big Town and Sugarland four times each and every time I love it.  And this is a really great song – I wish it described my life more, but maybe someday it will…

If These Walls Could Talk by Lee Ann Womack – I really love this song…because I wish that houses could tell stories and I think that if my house could tell a story, the walls would probably pray as well.

Bubbly by Colbie Caillat –  My whole collection is not country – I have a few things thrown in there that are not country and that suit me.  This song makes me smile and the album is great, so I’m glad it came up!

I Could Never Love You Enough by Brian McComas – This is a product of my first concert – well, second really – that I went to.  Rascal Flatts and Brian McComas opened for him…I loved him so much that I bought the CD and I’m so glad that I did!

Boston [Live] by Kenny Chesney – Not the song that I would have picked if I had to pick one by him, but I do love Kenny and his music so I’m glad that one of his songs made the list 🙂

Boats by Kenny Chesney – two Kenny songs in a row…kind of surprised – I never expect the same artist to come up twice, but I do love this song and would pick this one over the former.

Guys Like Me by Eric Church – I am a fan of Eric Church and his music and I am a big fan of this song.  I would like to find a guy like the guy in this song – it sounds like my kind of guy and I want to be the girl he talks about.

Stick to the Status Quo by High School Musical Soundtrack – If I could pick one song to take off, it might be this one.  HSM is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.  I loved it and I think that the music is great so I guess this actually is a good thing to have (and I have other musicals too).

Let Alone You by Easton Corbin – More country.  This is a CD that I won and may not have bought otherwise, but I’m glad that it is included on this list and one of the CDs I won because I really enjoy it.

So there it is…my first 10 shuffled songs.  You can tell a lot about someone from their music collection.  What is yours comprised of?  Do you listen to country at all?  What’s your favorite song or artist on my list?


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