30 Day Challenge: Day 10

So, today should be an easy day to write about.  I mean, we all have these – even if we don’t want to talk about them.  And, so, I will admit my guilty pleasures with proudness (which maybe then makes them not as guilty?) and I will not be ashamed.

Hockey.  This isn’t necessarily a guilty pleasure, but if you knew just how much I follow my team and some of the guys that I went to school with (or at least try to), you might be surprised.  For me, the game is more personal if I can get a personal touch – knowing any of the players personally or seeing what they might be doing just before a game or how they prepare – it’s one of the reasons that I am a sucker for a Hollywood sports story.  And hockey season begins today.  I will probably spend way too much money on it, but could always spend more and won’t be able to spend nearly as much as I’d like to.

TV.  I watch way too much TV.  And I get pulled in and addicted faster than anyone I have ever met.  I try to restrict myself to my favorites and not watch much more, but it doesn’t always work out.  I guess the guiltiest of these pleasures is One Tree Hill.  I own all of the seasons on DVD and have not missed a show ever (and won’t as it will be concluding with 13 episodes this coming up spring).  I visited Wilmington, where it is filmed, and stalked the OTH sites and would really like to go back and visit on a Saturday when I might be able to tour the studios.  I might just convince my friend Stephanie (who went with me and loves the show too) that we should go soon while they are still filming – maybe a road trip in November?

PC Games.  Solitaire.  Minesweeper.  Freecell.  You name it, I get addicted.  I have to win.  It’s really horrible.  But I’m trying to get better about it.  I figure it’s better than wasting my mind in some other ways – and usually I use it as a buster when I have writing block or something.  It all works out in the end.

The Internet.  Anyone who doesn’t have the internet as a guilty pleasure is probably not very young (or too young to be using it).  I use the internet way too much and rely on it way more than I should.  It’s ridiculous.  And it’s not good.  At all.  But I enjoy it so so much (I mean, how would you be reading this if there weren’t any internet).

On that note, I am done for today.  I can’t think of anything else (except maybe ice cream, but there’s nothing about ice cream that says guilty pleasure).  GO B-SENS GO!!!

What are your guilty pleasures?  Do you share any of mine?  Which of my guilty pleasures do you think is the worst?  The best?


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