30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Today, on this fifth day of my 30 day challenge – I am supposed to talk about my comfort foods and why they are my comfort foods.  So, first I’m going to list…then, I’m going to tell you why.

Here is a partial list (as I just worked 12 hours with 3 bratty kids and am fried, so will probably forget something): ice cream, cookies, cake, french fries, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, grilled cheese and tomato soup, macaroni and cheese (I don’t think I’ve met a kind that I don’t like, but I am content with the cheap boxed stuff), hot dogs, burgers.  And that’s all I can think of right now.

Here’s why: they either take no, or very little preparation (and if I’m not the one doing the preparing, even better).  They are sweet and just make me happy (I have never met a problem that ice cream can’t make a little bit better – if not completely solving it for that time period).  They are what I crave when I am down and what I want when I am happy.  I associate almost all of them with good things.  I love being able to make happy memories with them.  Hot dogs and burgers are good because as long as they are cooked, you can’t really screw them up too badly and so they are always a good (sometimes the best) option when eating out.

So, there it is.  This was quick.  It was painless.  It was my last entry for September – which is great.  I’m going to go and get another snack real quick – type my words on my other site and then go to sleep because I have to be back to babysit at 7:30 tomorrow morning (and need to shower).  I hope you enjoyed this short, but informative (in my humble opinion) post.

What are your comfort foods and why?  Do you crave salt or sugar?  (You can clearly tell that I crave mostly sugar). 


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