10 Day Challenge: Day 6

Here I am.  I am writing this from Pittsburgh (and as an update, I don’t dislike the city, but I probably wouldn’t add it to my list of places, so it’s not a big deal that I wrote my places list before coming here).  Today is day 6 of the blog challenge and it will go through the rest of this week!  If you missed day 1, you can read about 10 secrets here.  If you missed day 2, you can read about 9 loves here.  If you missed day 3, you can read about 8 fears here.  If you missed day 4, you can read about 7 wants here.  If you missed day 5, you can read about 6 places here.  Now onto 5 foods!

Before I write about my 5 foods, you should know that I can be a bit picky and not always open to new things.  I am pretty stuck in my ways and I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I have some slight OCD tendencies and I have some issues with food mixing together and such.  Also, most of this will probably not be the healthiest because while I do love to eat some healthy food, the not so good for you food is what usually sticks in your head and you crave.

Food #1: Tacos.  I am a huge fan of tacos.  Of any type.  I am writing this first as a tribute to my time here in Pittsburgh because I had the best authentic tacos right on the strip yesterday.  They were so delicious.  I could eat tacos/burritos all the time.  I love everything you put on them – even if it isn’t the healthiest for you.  I have no qualms about eating them, even if I shouldn’t be all the time.  And I am okay with that.  I wish we had a more authentic Mexican place by us – the best you can get is Moe’s or getting a massive burrito from Wegmans.  It kind of stinks.

Food #2: Ice cream.  Yes, I am including this as a food.  I have given up all sweets for lent numerous times because I have been eating too much ice cream.  It can get really bad.  I could eat it every day for every meal.  And I usually keep it pretty simple.  I like soft serve vanilla or vanilla/chocolate twist.  I like hard vanilla.  I love mint chocolate chip.  I like hard vanilla.  I enjoy sherbert.  I will eat some of the other simple ones, but I usually stick to that repertoire.  It’s a pretty consistent thing for me.

Food #3: Grilled cheese.  I am a huge fan of grilled cheese.  As I have grown up, I have become more mature in that I like to pair it with the tomato soup that I would always pass up as a kid.  When I see something about a grown up grilled cheese on a menu, I always contemplate (and will very often – especially if it is chilly and lunchtime – order) it.  I don’t know what it is about it.  I just do.

Food #4: Spiedies.  If you don’t know what spiedies are, look it up.  They are perfect pieces of meat that are marinated.  They are boneless.  Growing up, I did not appreciate these as much as I should – being from Binghamton and all – but I do appreciate them very much now.  I love eating them.  I think they are great.  And I love that they are an acceptable food to be eaten all the time because it’s local and fantastic.  I am so glad that I have grown to love these because they are a great option!

Food #5: Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs.  To quote one of my all time favorite TV shows – macaroni and cheese is the food of the gods!  And I don’t mean the homemade delicious mac and cheese – I am talking about cheap boxed mac and cheese with the cheese packets.  That’s right.  Cook that baby up and then boil up some hot dogs and cut them up in there.  I’ll be happy every time.  I realize this is a meal fit for a 5 year old and that I am 24 years old, but as long as you keep the kid alive in you, it’s all good – and I definitely do this!

What do you think of my five foods?  Do you find any of them disgusting?  Do you also enjoy any of them?  Do you have any recommendations for me based on what you have read?  What are your favorite foods?  Enjoy, discuss, savor!  Have a great day!


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