A 500 Year Flood: 5 years later and 5 times worse

5 years ago, my area (Binghamton, NY), got a lot of flooding and they called it a 500 year flood.  Well, it’s been 5 years.  And we have gotten even worse flooding than we did in 2006.  I, myself, and my family, are very fortunate because we just lost power (due to a down tree) for a day and a half and got water in our basement.  Not everyone is as lucky.

Owego, which is very close by, will not be okay for a long time, I don’t think.  Downtown Binghamton did not fair well at all.  Maine, the small town that I live VERY close to and have called home, got hit REALLY badly.  Not a ten minute walk from my house there is a road that is a dead end and is cut off because the bridge over the creek is completely gone.  The only way for those people to get in and out of the road is to hike through the fields – and there are elderly people that live on that road.  A trailer park down another road had devastating damage (and I only saw it well after things had gone down).

Overall, it is going to be a long time before things are “back to normal.”

The first two days of school at the district where I sub and hope to someday teach at, were canceled.  The second and third day for many of the other districts that started on Wednesday were canceled.

There is going to be a lot of clean up that has to occur.  A lot of people that are going to be without things that they have always had.  It’s going to be a rough and a tough time for our area.

I will do my best to provide updates.  When I finish taking pictures – as I think I am going back out for a walk and will be going out for a drive early tomorrow morning – I will post wherever I end up posting them and will make sure that the album is public.

Please, keep the area (and all of the other areas that have been affected) in your prayers.  I know that it is hard to sometimes put yourselves in the shoes of others that are suffering, but we can use all of the prayers and good vibes that can be sent this way.

Just heard that a levee broke and more flooding has occurred.  It’s not going to get better any time soon – it’s going to be hard to keep hearing this.  My prayers are going out to everyone.


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