More Procrastination

I have decided that I am going to wait to start my blog challenge (that was supposed to start yesterday or Monday, but put off) next Monday.  It’s a decision that might not be the best, but I have decided I am going to go with.  I want to start on a Monday.  And I think that will be good for me.  So, I guess we’ll see what happens.  I promise that the challenge will be happening, I just want to start it on a Monday so that it runs for two full weeks (since I don’t blog on weekends – well, Sundays now to post my 365 Project).  It’s my blog and my decision.

Plus, it gives me time to write about a few things that I might want to write about.  Like, today.  Today it is raining really hard.  There has already been some flash flooding and if things get any worse, they are going to get bad again.  Hopefully, maybe, the weather will be nice to us and it will just stop raining and we’ll be okay.  I don’t know.

I have been on two job interviews now in two days.  I have some issues I have to grapple with.  Like, do I want to leave education for the next couple of years – a year now to work full time and save some money and a year next year to attend grad school?  Do I judge a place based on the interview – when the interview was bad?  Do I extend outside of my comfort zone and hope that it all works out?  Do I put money and consistency above my passion?

They’re tough questions and I know that, ultimately, I will be the only one that can answer them.  But I will have to answer them soon.  Because I should have one proposal by the end of the week and was basically told today that I was going to have a second interview and needed to get a physical and TB shot for the other one.

I guess we’ll see what happens and how it all works out.  Right now, I am going to go and get some lunch and then do some character sketching for my NaNovel tonight.  Because I am far behind from where I wanted to be.

I hope that everyone stays safe and that everything works out for everyone.  It has been a crazy start to September and it’s going to be interesting to see how it all works out.

What do you think about my questions?  What do you think about my postponing my blog challenge?  Do you have any grand plans for September?  Has your September started off as crazy as mine?


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