Those Pesky Life Lessons

Education is not just about the academic world that we live in.  To be completely honest, if you’re getting a complete education, you are hopefully also learning life lessons while you are learning academic lessons – or at least outside of your academic time, you are always learning life lessons.  Life lessons like losing a love, not realizing or grabbing a potential relationship, ruining a relationship, being ruined by a relationship, losing a friend.  I know these all sound pretty awful, but I’m not having a great day and any upside to this entry, got lost a little bit ago.

What do you do when you’ve lost a friend?  I haven’t lost a lot of friends in my life.  I have drifted away from friends (and apologize immensely right now if any of them feel like I do right now).  I have not known someone well enough to really appreciate the sting that could come from losing them.  But losing a friend really gets me every time.  The latest one is one that has been a long time coming, I guess.  And maybe it’s no reciprocated on the other end.

I had a very close friend in high school and we would see each other all the time while we were home, but those times started getting farther and farther between each other.  It didn’t matter because we always picked up where we had left off.  And it was always fantastic.  The last time she was home, I was out of town and just caught her at the tail end, but was hoping to see her.  It didn’t happen.  She was just home again and I, once again, didn’t manage to see her.

I don’t really know if I could have done any more.   I mean, I was already feeling a bit like I was badgering her.  But when a friend comes and goes twice without seeming to make any effort to see you, I think that friendship is probably over.

Maybe I’m being a little melodramatic.  But that’s how it feels to me right now.  And I don’t know what to do.  Or if it will ever get any easier.  Losing a friend is probably the hardest thing that can happen because for some reasons the bonds of friendship (at least for me) are stronger than anything and mean more to me than anything.  And now, I don’t know what to do.

Do you ever feel so hopeless about a situation, like you could have done more, but didn’t?  What do you do when you lose a friend?


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