Searching for the Devil, Pt. 2

I started this story last week and am continuing it this week.  I apologize if it seems disjointed as I have temporarily lost all idea of whatever I was going to write last week (I didn’t write it down because I wanted to re-read and see what happened).  You can read the first installment here.

The man walked into the bar for the third day in a row.  He finally saw what who he wanted to see behind the bar and he grabbed a seat right in front of him.

“What can I help you with?” the bartender asked, slowing the question down at the end as he saw who was at the bar.

“I’ll take a beer,” the guy said.

The bartender placed the beer in front of the guy and said, “I’ve heard you’ve been coming around here a lot.  Let me make something perfectly clear to you.  I own this bar and I can refuse service to whomever I want and you will be making that list if you do not stop showing up at my bar trying to find that girl.”

“You never gave me a chance,” the man said.

“You never gave me a reason to,” the bartender told him.

“That girl had the voice of an angel,” the man replied.  “When is she playing again?”

“I don’t know what would make you think that I would give you that information,” the bartender said as he looked toward the door that was opening.

The man followed the bartender who quickly rushed to the door as it closed behind the customer.  He saw the girl that had been on stage and standing next to the bartender trying to hold her ground in whatever argument they were having, she looked older than she had when she was about to go on stage.  He saw the girl give him a look and twirl around, seemingly giving in to whatever the bartender had told her to do.

“See you tonight,” she said to no one specifically, but loudly enough that it reached the man sitting at the end of the bar looking for her.

The man put down his bill and got up to leave, but was stopped by the bartender.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the bartender asked him, stopping him in his path.

“You made it perfectly clear that you didn’t want me here,” the man said trying to get around him.

“I made it perfectly clear that I didn’t want you anywhere near her,” he said, speaking of the girl that had just left.  “Sit back down.”

The man sat down and ordered some food, eating under the watchful eye of the bartender.  When he finished, he placed down another bill and asked, “Am I allowed to leave now?”

“I don’t want to see you tonight,” the bartender said.

The man left the bar, wondering how he was going to pull off showing up at the bar to hear the woman speak.  He knew that he could look like a different person than he was now.  So, he went off to the barber and got his hair cut and his beard shaved off.  When he looked into the mirror, he still recognized himself, but could see the difference.  He went and purchased a cowboy hat just in case before heading home and showering the hair off of himself and getting dressed.

As he walked down the street, he wondered if anyone would recognize him.  He had plenty of friends in this town and they all knew that he had been going through a rough time.  None of them knew that he thought he had been able to find the solution to his problem.  As he approached the bar, he started to have second thoughts, he didn’t want to cause any trouble and he didn’t want to startle the girl, but he knew that if he didn’t make his move tonight he probably would lose it all.

He walked into the bar and was immediately drawn to the gorgeous voice of that girl.  He saw an empty high top table and made his way over to it, never taking his eyes off of her.

She saw him enter the bar and was immediately drawn to him.  He looked familiar, but she couldn’t quite place where she had seen him before.  She watched him for a little bit longer before directing her attention to the rest of the audience, but keeping her eyes drifting towards him.  When she was done with her set, she smiled as the crowd cheered.

“You guys are too kind,” she told them.  “I’m going to take a half hour break and then I have some friends that are going to come up on stage to help me entertain you.  Please stick around, I promise you do not want to miss that.  The stage is open for anyone that wants to do some karaoke.”

She put her mic back on the mic stand and headed to the seat at the bar where the man had been the last time she had sung.  She liked having her seat back and the bartender came right over with a drink.

“You are doing great as always,” he said.  “I saw your eyes wandering over to the other side of the bar quite frequently tonight, any problems?”

“No,” she told him.  “I’m just drawn to this guy that’s over there.  He’s tall, he’s gorgeous and he has these eyes that just were trained on me whenever I looked over that way.  I might go talk to him,” she said.

“Are you sure?” the bartender asked.

“You’re the one that is always telling me that I need to get myself out there,” she said.  “Besides, I know that you are going to be watching me the entire time.”

She hopped off the barstool and headed over to the table.  She looked over her shoulder as she said hello to the man and sat down at the table to let the bartender know that she was fine.  Then, she talked with the man for the entirety of her break.  She got back on stage, smiling for a reason that she hadn’t smiled in a long time.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this!!  I will do the third and final installment next week (and I will end the story, I promise).


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