Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and More – Oh MY!

So, I apologize for the lack of a “real” post today, but I meant to write this yesterday and it just didn’t happen and while I’ll probably have time when I get home tonight, I don’t want to push it and not get it done, so I’m doing it now.  You may be asking yourself and wondering what I am rambling on about.  Well, I am going on a college visit with my little brother today and it’s going to necessitate at least 6 hours of driving…and I don’t know how long the actual visit will take.  So, I want get this written so that when I get home at 6 or 7 (if I’m lucky, I really don’t know the timeline for the day at all), I’ll be able to relax and maybe work on some character sketches.

So, the name of the current events for the week (at least on Sundayish) was Libya and the rebels taking control and all that.  But then, Monday and yesterday, the name of the game changed for those of us out here on the East coast of the US.  The name of the game changed to weather.  First, we were looking at and bracing for Irene.  Now, the impact Irene was going to have on me was not going to be anything big – I might get some wind and rain from her, but it wasn’t going to be like it was just coming onto the coast and hitting me hard, I mean I’m all the way up in New York.  But it was forecasted that she could hit the Carolinas pretty badly and seeing as I could have a vested interest in the Carolinas and my bff has just moved from there…I’m pretty glad that I could hear about that.  In addition, hurricanes (and all weather disasters) kind of fascinate me – in a way that it totally freaks me out.

Well, yesterday the name of the game changed from Irene to earthquake.  Now, if you haven’t heard about the earthquake, you might be living under a rock because it was everywhere – although if you were without cable or internet and didn’t feel it, you might not know about it.  Anyways, I was just doing a few things, I had chatted with a friend when my mother tells me that the earth moved.  Haha, mom, very funny.  She asks me if I felt anything and I say that no, I absolutely did not.  And neither did my 17 year old brother, who was sitting not even 5 feet from her.  Well, it turns out there really was an earthquake and people really did feel it up here.  What are the chances?

From the sounds of things, I don’t know that I would have liked to have felt it at the B-Sens office, but I wouldn’t have minded maybe feeling a small vibration and wondering what it was – which was apparently all that happened right here.  I mean, that would be kind of cool.  Well, people got over the earthquake pretty quickly (at least up here where things weren’t really effected much) and now we wait to see what kind of impact Irene will actually have.  I haven’t checked up on her in a while and it’ll be interesting to see what actually happens, because you never can tell with weather disasters.

I apologize once more at the end of this for the weather posts lately.  Guess that’s what happens – you talk about the weather.

Did you feel the earthquake yesterday?  Are you anywhere near the area that could be bracing for impact from Irene?  Does weather fascinate you as much as it fascinates me?  What has been the worst thing weather-wise that you have had to live through?


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