Searching for the Devil

Today, my inspiration comes from a NaNoWriMo forum topic called, “Give A Promp, Take A Prompt” and features a character that was actually the main character of a story that I began writing as a senior in high school during my creative writing course and then lost when my computer crashed.  I have not tried to recreate the story, but I am excited to use the character again with this prompt as the story really never finished and stays with me.  But I can’t rewrite it because it never comes back to me the right way.  Let this be a lesson to always back up your writing – losing 50 pages of writing (and only have the first 12ish printed out as your final project really sucks!

“You again?” he exclaimed in frustration. “How many times have I tried to summon the Devil and instead YOU show up?”

The bartender stared at the man that had taken up a regular spot at the end of his bar on the bar stool that had been hers for months now.  Of course, the bar stool wasn’t really hers, but everyone knew that she always sat there before she got up on stage, hoping that the bartender would be able to continue to talk her into singing again.

“Maybe,” the bartender said, “you should stop sitting in her seat.”

She smiled politely as she sat a few stools down and asked for a water.  As the bartender placed the water in front of her, she listened to the man that was sitting at her bar stool.

“What is she doing at this place anyway?” the man asked.  “She is far too young to be here and it can’t be good for you to have underage kids in this bar.”

As the music stopped, she got up.  As she walked by the man, she said, “Maybe you should stop trying to summon the devil and go to hell because you sure aren’t welcome here.”

The man stared at her in disbelief as she got up on stage.  As she began to sing, he was mesmerized by the sound that came out of her mouth.  He couldn’t stop staring at her and he was worried about what he might do when she was finished if he didn’t leave, but he was stuck to his seat and couldn’t leave as her voice filled the bar.

“I double as her body guard if I need to,” the bartender said, breaking the manfrom his reverie.  “You should probably head out man.  And if you plan on summoning the devil again, stop doing it in my bar – we have enough problems without the devil showing up.”

“Maybe she’s the devil,” the man said.  The bartender stared at him as if he were out of his mind, and maybe he was.  “Let me explain.  Did you hear what she said to me?”

“You probably deserved whatever it was,” the bartender commented.  “Head out, or I’ll get the bouncers or kick you out myself.”

The man got up, put down a bill to settle his tab and left.  “I’ll be back again.”

She watched him leave from her spot on the stage and shot the bartender an appreciative smile.  He always took care of her and she was thankful for that.  But she knew that if she was going to go places, she was going to have to start playing at different bars or she was never going to hear from the people she needed to.  And maybe this guy was just what she needed.  Maybe a taste of the devil in her was just what she needed to get the courage to move from her safety zone.

That’s it for this week…check back next week for the next installment of the story!


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