Current Events: Vaccination

As a disclaimer to this particular theme: I am most nervous about this.  The reason that I want to do it is good.  I am just not sure what the result is going to be yet.  I don’t know how I am going to choose or what I am going to say.  I am nervous that my opinions might be wrong – which can’t happen as it is my opinion.  I am worried that I might be seen as stupid or uneducated – but the point of this is to become more educated and be more aware of things.  So, bear with me these first few weeks as I find my niche and figure out how I’m going to approach these topics and the writing style that I will use.

I think that, for at least the time being, my entry will probably revolve around an article that I read – or possibly more articles.  I will always post a link to the article so that my readers can read it in full and I hope that it is able to spark some healthy debate and surprising discoveries: about myself, about the world, about yourself.  Feel free to offer up any suggestions 🙂

The disagreement of sides about vaccinations is nothing new.  Deciding whether or not to get your child vaccinated is something that every parent struggles with and has to seriously consider.  For a long time, parents stopped vaccinating children because they thought that these vaccines caused autism.  I don’t know about this, but they have proved that there is no link.  It seems that now, pediatricians are getting their say.

I believe that is a parent’s responsibility to make a decision, along with their pediatrician, as to whether or not a child should be vaccinated.  I don’t believe it is something that should be taken lightly and I don’t believe that it something that is an easy decision.  I believe that there are probably positives and negatives to every situation and it is probably something that is going to be an individual decision for every child, even within the same family.

And I believe that pediatricians should have a say.  Some pediatricians are closing their doors to children who have not been vaccinated or who choose to stop getting vaccines or getting them on schedule.  Is this a problem?

I don’t think it should be.  I believe that when the article states that they are trying to protect the most children, they are correct in saying those that are healthy to get the vaccines, should.  If they do not, they could carry it and become sick while exposing other children to it that may not have as strong an immune system as others.

For me, it comes down to the best option for the most people.  No option is going to fit for everyone, but I believe that when you can be vaccinated for airborne illnesses that are easily spread, you should be.  It will keep you from spreading the vaccine to other children and will help keep all involved healthier.

I acknowledge the other side of things.  I hate needles.  I am terrified of them.  And my mind always goes to worse case scenario.  When I hear, or read, about the negative side effects of things, my mind will take those and expand upon them until I am sure that I am going to be in the vast minority of people that die from getting the vaccine.  I understand the fear that can grip people.  I myself have not gotten some vaccines that have been recommended since I have been able to make my own decision, things like the HPV vaccine, the hepatitus vaccine (I just missed the cutoff for it being required for school).  Are there risks involved?  Yes.  But I made those decisions and I will not be backing down from them.

So, do parents have the right to turn down vaccines?  Yes.  Of course they do.

Of course, then, doctors – pediatricians, especially – have the right to say that these parents do not meet with their requirements/mission of their practice and to recommend them another doctor that they can use.

What do you think?  Should pediatricians be allowed to refuse service just because a child hasn’t had their shots?  Have you chosen not to get vaccines that are required?  Have you ever had a bad reaction to a vaccine?  What is your opinion on the whole vaccination issue?  *As always, these are my opinions and are not affiliated with anyone.*


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