Modern Conveniences

Most people wouldn’t consider indoor plumbing (your shower, your sink, your running water) to be a convenience, but a necessity.  But I have learned very quickly just what a convenience they are.

I currently live in a very old house.  Like my not as old car, I am convinced that it is falling apart and it is going to just crumble around me someday and I won’t have anywhere to live.  Not that I should be complaining as my mother is allowing me to live here rent free while I try and find a place of my own to live, which will come after I find a job – which could take a while.  So, this house will do, I just have modern convenience hemophelia (when you believe that your modern conveniences are hating you and letting you down/about to completely die on you).

So, the house where I am living now has had an issue.  When the new shower went in, the work wasn’t done as well as it should have been or didn’t last as long as it should have – I’m not really sure.  But basically, it has been leaking for ages now and so the entire bathroom is now being redone – at the cost of our landlady (and she’s not very happy about it).  Due to the leakage and it having to dry out and everything, it has been 3 weeks since we have had a shower.

We have been lucky enough that we have still had running water and a toilet for the majority of the time – only being without occasionally.

But I have been annoyed at the inconvenience of not having a shower.  And it is all being fixed currently – the shower itself probably won’t be done for at least a couple more days and possibly not even usable for a couple more days after that.  We will see, but I will be extremely happy when it is back up and good to go again.  Extremely  happy.

This is all my opinion and I’m not entirely sure how much of it is the actual truth and how much of it is what I perceive to be the truth.  Tomorrow, I am finally going to map out what I want my weeks to start looking like.  I have another blog that I can – and have been – use for personal blogging to clear my head so I want this one to become more structured.  And I’ll probably switch it up every few months or so, but I’m pretty excited about this change, and I might even start using the tags that are available and such.

So, it’ll be a good change I think.  Something that is important to me and good for me to do as I want to hone my writing skills more.

How do you feel about modern conveniences?  Do you think that it would be a pain to be without a shower/tub for 3 weeks – to have to go elsewhere or try and give yourself a “spongebath” and wash your hair in the sink?  What do you think about my plan to make this blog more structured or applicable to different parts of life?  I know I’ve said I’m going to do it, but I actually am going to do it – for real this time.


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