A Great Day

For those of you who have been following this blog, you probably know me.  Or maybe you don’t, but you’re really intuitive.  Not that you need to be intuitive to figure out that I’ve been a bit down.  My life hasn’t been going the way that I want it to be going and it hasn’t made me happy.  And I have, in true fashion that is very consistent with who I am, have withdrawn a bit.  I know it seems like a bit of an oxymoron to want to be alone when you’re feeling so alone, but that’s how I get.

But today was a great day (and it’s not even over yet).

And because of that, I want to gloat a little bit and just bask in it a little bit.  Which, unfortunately for you (or maybe fortunately if you are also in a good mood or want to see me especially happy), means that you are going to have to hear me talk about it – if I were reading this I would imagine it in that slightly annoying, slightly squeaky, a little high pitched, fast speech that only girls seem to be able to handle.

I woke up this morning and worked out – in case I never said, I bought a Gazelle and have been using it consistently for a week.  I am proud of myself for working out regularly, but am not sure if it is giving me the workout that I need.  So, I saw an elliptical on Craig’s List for $50.  Even if I pay $50 for it, I am going to be paying less than I would have for the elliptical I was going to buy from WalMart and I’ll have two machines…not hat I’ll ever use the Gazelle again.

After working out, I saw that a friend was passing through and wanted to have lunch in Binghamton…well I was totally up for it because I wasn’t doing anything and had my car for a change and wanted to do it.  I was so excited to see him.  To chat about Niagara (where he is going to be a senior this year) and life in general.  It was nice to see him and it was really nice to be able to chat with him and be able to do that.

The reason this day was going to be so great to begin with was because my best friend, Kristen, is going to be home for a while and I am going to see her for drinks tonight.  I am so pumped and, although this hasn’t happened yet, am so super excited for it and to be able to hang out with her and see her in person and just be happy about hanging out with people and having some fun.  I just can’t wait…it really makes me so happy.

And then, the real surprise of the day.  My confirmation of plans for the trip that I won to Nashville arrived today.  This made me so beyond excited and pumped about things because I have been waiting to do this since I picked it up in November.  Well, not it’s July and I am finally going to be going on my trip and I couldn’t be happier about it.

It’s amazing what one good day can do for you.  It reminds me of the quote from One Tree Hill about happiness being a condition – like being tired or hungry – it’s not permanent and if we understood that, we might find it more frequently.  And today has made me very happy.  Multiple times.  And I can’t stop smiling.

So, my question is: am I happy because of the news I found or am I happy because of the people I got to see (and am going to be seeing)?  Am I happy because I finally have plans to be doing something (even though I have been avoiding the few plans I get) or because it’s just the turn of the tide?  Is all of this activity proof that I am not actually an introvert (like I believe), but an extrovert?  Or that even introverts need outside stimulation and fun sometimes?

It’s been a great day and I hope that all of you had a great day too!  How do you celebrate your great days?  Do you have a way to put them down on paper and remember them forever, like I am doing here?  Do you think that writing this down and coming back to it will help me remember the happiness or do you think that it’s easier to remember the bad stuff?


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