The Casey Anthony Murder Trial

I have to make a legitimate statement that might not necessarily make me look good.  I don’t watch the news.  I don’t really read the news.  I’m not a big fan of following the news because it is kind of depressing and I don’t really enjoy being depressed about things that don’t necessarily pertain to me.  That being said, I do pay attention to the big things and I have opinions (that probably aren’t super informed, but are my opinions nonetheless) about most of them.

So, I did not watch or follow the Casey Anthony murder trial.  I do not know how I feel about the verdict because I do not know whether or not she is actually guilty of murdering her daughter.  It is very possible that the whole thing was an accident, but that is not what upsets me or makes me angry.  What makes me angry is that she is guilty of driving her dead daughters body around and then dumping it in the woods.  That is inexcusable.

It is not okay, regardless of whether or not the death was an accident, to lie about the fact that your daughter is with a nanny.  It is not okay, regardless of whether the death was an accident or not, to carry your dead daughter’s body around in a trunk for a few days.  It is not okay, regardless of whether the death was an accident or not, to dump your daughter’s body in the woods and leave it their to rot – all while you send the police, family and friends on a wild goose chase to try and find her.

It sickens me that this could happen, that this does happen all the time.  It upsets me that if this woman is guilty of murder or child abuse or any of the awful things that were shown to have happened during the trial that she is not being convicted of anything worse than falsifying statements to the police.

I also feel badly for the jury.  The jury had a job to do and they did the best that they possibly could.  They had to decide whether or not the prosecution provided enough evidence, and that apparently didn’t happen.

Like I said, I’m not sure how I feel about this case and the verdict that came from it.  I’m not entirely sure about how it all happened since I didn’t follow or watch the case.  Maybe I need to become better about watching and checking the news.

How do you feel about the Casey Anthony murder trial verdict?  What about the entire trial?  Do you have any thoughts on the trial?


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