Happy Canada Day!

Canada Love

Going to school, and growing so much as a person, so close to Canada, I probably have a very unhealthy appreciation for the country that lies to the north of the good ole USA.  So, today, I wish everyone Canadian (or Canadian at heart) a very happy Canada day!  I plan on celebrating by going and finally picking up my replica Calder Cup (which I will hopefully be able to display on my desk in a classroom for a significant period of time next school year) and kicking off my weekend of relaxing.

As I once said to a friend: There are three reasons why Canada is better than the US – better beer, better desserts, and cuter boys…and of course, hockey!

Enjoy your weekends, friends.  Do something fun for you!

Do you have a healthy appreciation for another country besides your own?  If you could choose to be from another country which would you choose?  Do you like my appreciation and fandom of Canada or do you think it’s anti-American?


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