Social Media

Being in the generation that I am, I was big into Facebook when I was away at college.  I was still in the Facebook is brand new, only college students can use it.  So, when I went to orientation and got my .edu email address from Niagara University, I almost immediately set up my Facebook account – well actually, my older brother did it.  I don’t really use Facebook as much anymore…I mainly use it for birthday reminders and keeping in touch with friends that I keep in touch with anyway.  But other than that, I don’t use Facebook as much any more.

I never really got into MySpace…although I did sign up for an account so that I could do some karaoke stuff a while back.  I think I still have it, but I don’t even know what email address I used with it.  So, it doesn’t really count.

When Twitter came out, I was apprehensive about it.  I swore that I wasn’t going to get a Twitter account and I swore that it wasn’t all that great.  I didn’t think it was going to be anything great and it wasn’t something that I was interested in.  My mother got a twitter account.  My brother got a twitter account.  I still held out.  I finally gave in recently.  I gave in because I wanted to enter the NHL sweepstakes during the Winter Classic on New Years Day.  I didn’t win.  I tried again during the All Star Game.  I didn’t win.

Then, I found that Twitter was great for other things too.  It was great for keeping up with artists that I liked.  It was great for getting information on my local AHL hockey team – which was really great as I like to feel a little bit of a personal connection to the team because it makes it easier for me to cheer for them.  I started to really like Twitter.  I still don’t know everything about it.  I haven’t explored it all that much and there is so much more that it can be used for that I don’t use it for.  And maybe I will try and look for that sometime soon and it will bring me something great.

But tonight, tonight I go back to the NHL and the reason that I joined Twitter to begin with.  Tonight, I follow the NHL and I try and win one of 9 prizes (there are actually three prizes, but three of each).  We’ll see what happens and if I win, but I would be thrilled about it if I did.  And if not, I will not forsake Twitter or social media, in general.  But I hope I do win.

Do you use social media?  What do you use it for?  And which sites do you use?


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