Is It Worth It?

I blog for myself.  But sometimes, I find myself wondering if it is worth it.  This is not the only blog that I use.  I also use a site called (you should check it out if you want to).  And I try to write things in this blog that might garner attention from people and get people to start a discussion, and I know I haven’t been very good at that lately.  But I’m tired.  And I have found myself in that spot where I don’t know if it’s worth it.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan on stopping.  Blogging and writing have been the one constant in my life pretty much all the time.  And there were times when it has waned and I haven’t done it as much or as often.  There have been times when I have said things I shouldn’t while blogging.  There are times when I have been too open.

But maybe right now, I am not being open enough.  I’m not sure.

I know that people are looking at my blog.  I don’t know who – and that’s part of the appeal, but I know that people are looking.  And I just need to remind myself that maybe I am reaching someone, even if it doesn’t seem that way to me all days.  I need to remind myself that if I love to do this, I shouldn’t give it up.

But I am going to start planning a schedule.  A day a week where I talk about something specific – and then, if I get tired of those after a few months, I will switch it up.   I think that I will really focus on planning what I want to do the rest of this week and start it up next week.  No more “dear journal” entries, which is basically what I have been doing up to this point.  I need to take some control of this and make it something better and more organized.  And then maybe I will recognize the worth more.

Do you ever just feel tired and like you need to make a change?  Do you think I’ll still feel this way tomorrow or the next day as I try and do some planning?


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