My Biggest Pet Peeve

I guess pet peeves 101 is not really an accurate post for this as I am not going to be talking about pet peeves in general, I just thought it was a more interesting title.  [edit: I changed the title because I actually think that exploring pet peeves could be very interesting and I want to save this title for that].

Anyways, my biggest pet peeve has been one that has been exasperated by today’s technological flourish and I have run into a lot.  And it is: not receiving an answer from someone.  This can range on the small end – like someone not letting you know if they actually are going to do something or not – to the really large end – like someone not getting back to you about a job and then holding off on a different opportunity because you aren’t sure about the opportunity you were really interested in.

I must admit, I can work the low end of this pet peeve as well as anyone…holding off until the last minute and just leaving them hanging on.  But, I cannot stand it when I never hear back about a job that I have applied for – be it a paper application or an online application or going in person to apply.  Don’t accept applications or get in touch with someone unless you are serious.  This goes for applicants as well – don’t leave an employer high and dry because you’re going in a different direction, let them know.

The reason this is irking me so much is that I have applied for many, many positions on the online application site for New York State.  And I rarely hear back from the school districts.  And I know it’s hard and a lot of people are applying to these positions, but even an email saying that the application has been received and I will be contacted for an interview if chosen is enough to placate me.

I guess this got really exasperated today when I heard from the lady that I had called about a childcare position and she called me back this morning, we chatted briefly and then she told me that she had to talk with her husband and she’d call me back and I haven’t heard from her.  And that was at 10:20 this morning.

I need to get out of my rut, and I’m going to email another family about a nanny position right now.  Then, I am going to eat some ice cream and watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals.  Then, I am going to bed as I am subbing in the morning and I want to be well rested and ready to go.

What are your pet peeves?  Do you have any major ones that you want to share?  Things that really get under your skin?  Is my pet peeve – this lack of communication – anything that bothers you or that you’ve dealt with?


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