A Special Day, Indeed

On Tuesday, I wrote that it was “A Special Day”  And, indeed, it was.  A very special day.  In addition to it being my 300th blog post since I started blogging, it was also the day, well the evening really, that the Binghamton Senators won the Calder Cup.

Most of you have heard about my journey to becoming a hockey fan, but let me restate it.  The short story is that I promised myself that if I went to Niagara University to school (which I did), I would give hockey a chance.  Turns out, I should have given hockey a chance well before that (I mean, I’d gone to a few games and whatnot, but nothing serious) because I fell in love with the game. 

I think there are a few reasons why I fell in love with the game.  I embraced being so close to Canada, which meant embracing the game of hockey.  And the friends that I made and the friends that I got to know through hockey are some of the best friends a girl could ever have.

So, being that I was a new, die hard fan, I picked the team closest to me.  I chose to become a Binghamton Senators fan – because I basically live in Binghamton – and to, in turn, cheer for their NHL team, the Ottawa Senators.  I don’t know why I didn’t gravitate towards Buffalo (since I was so close to Buffalo when I became a fan and so many people in the Binghamton area are Buffalo fans), but I didn’t.  And once I’d made my choice, I stuck with it and I am not about to give it up now.  And, boy am I glad about that.

Because Binghamton has won the cup.  Tuesday night and all day Wednesday were reserved for celebrating.  I did not go anywhere to watch the game, but had a hard time getting to sleep on Tuesday night after the excitement of the game, but it was a good type of not being able to get to sleep.

On Wednesday, I woke up and I decided to go and greet the team.  I had decided that I would hang out and greet them when they got back to the arena and then I would just stick around for the parade/press conference (which was really more of a pep rally of sorts.  I was so glad that I did.

Greeting the team off the bus was exhilarating and so much fun.  There wasn’t a huge group of fans, but I was so glad to be one of them.  I got my picture with Robin Lehner, our goalie and the MVP of the playoffs.  I, unfortunately, walked away a little too early and did not get my picture with the cup.  But I have pictures of the cup and I am confident that if/when the cup travels the city, I will get pictures then and I will get a picture of the plaque that has Binghamton on the base.  That will be really special.

I opted to get a good spot for the press conference/pep rally rather than watch the parade.  I decided that being able to take pictures and videos at that would be better for me, and I’m so glad that I did.  I was able to get plenty of pictures of the guys and the cup and all of the glamour that occurred.  It was so much fun and so energizing to be a part of it.

While we waited, this one woman passed out a few t-shirts and she gave me one because I had been there all day – which was really nice.   And then, they were passing out sticks and parts of sticks and pucks later and I got a full hockey stick.  I’m not sure whose stick I got (and if anyone has any way that I can figure it, I’d be happy to give you information on it – I just don’t have it with me now), but I think it’s cool that I hold a piece of the history for this town. 

I am so glad that this happened and that I was able to take such a big part in it.  From the beginning of the season, I have been to plenty of games and attended some events that were a lot of fun.  If I am in the area next year, I plan on getting a half season ticket – I probably don’t have the money for that, but I definitely don’t have the money for a full season – and also going to Hockey and Heels if it happens again.  I may or may not look at bidding on a jersey to wear for next season.

It has been a great year to be a Binghamton Senators fan and I can’t imagine being any happier.  It’s been quite the journey and I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Now, maybe finally, my brother can stop asking me what’s going to happen when they lose because they won the whole thing!

Here is a haiku in there honor:

The B-Sens have won
What a team, what a season
Calder Cup is ours!

Way to go, boys!  I’ve been saying since the being that you would make it and I’m so glad that you did!  I hope you enjoy the off season and that I see a few of you back next season.  Best of luck to all in whatever they go on to do!

Do you follow the AHL?  Are you excited about Binghamton’s win in the Calder Cup?  Would you have participated in the events as fully as I did?  Are you a hockey fan or a diehard fan for another sport?


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