New Day. New Game. New Chance.

I know it’s odd for me to be writing so early when I wrote so late yesterday (and half the time I end up forgetting to write in this blog).  But, I wanted to write now before the excitement of the day got away from me.

Today is a new day.  It’s a new game.  And it’s a new chance.  A new chance to be better than before.  A new game to play our way and command the momentum.  A new day to start fresh and leave behind the mistakes we’ve learned from.

I think that this could probably be equated to anyone’s life.  Because it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that we can start fresh and be the people we want to be and the people we should be.  But, today, I’m not really talking about my life.  Today, and for so many days before this (and a few days after this), I am talking about hockey.  The postseason.  The opportunity to renew.

The B-Sens have not been playing their best hockey.  They know this.  The fans know this.  The coach knows this.  And today, they will (and they almost have to) step it up.  Show Houston that they are not going to lie down and give up.  That they are going to fight through this tough patch they have hit (at such an inopportune time).  They are going to prove what the fans have known all along, they do deserve to be in this final series for the Calder Cup.  They do have what it takes to win.

And the fans have not been on their best behavior.  Today is also a new chance for us.  To show that we do appreciate the game.  To show that although we get frustrated and angry – with the team, with the refs, with ourselves and not having the ability to help in anyway – we can be classy.

It’s a new day.  A new game.  And a new chance.  For everybody.

Go Sens Go!  We Believe!  The Future Starts Now!


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