Redundant Routine

Get up.  Get ready.  Head to school (hopefully).  Try to teach as successfully as possible with the plans that the teacher has left.  Try to get more jobs lined up.  Try to stay awake.  Come home.  Rest.  Recover.  Watch some TV.  Shower.  Go to bed.  Sleep.  Begin again.

Now, my routine is not nearly as redundant as some people’s.  And it can definitely be an interesting time for me.  Take these next few weeks.  I didn’t work this Monday – although literally minutes after my mom left I got a call and could have worked.  But I did errands and other things because I was working the rest of the week.  So, I work the rest of this week.  I am an 8th grade English teacher.  It’s going pretty well and I don’t anticipate any problems.

This weekend, I am going to Rochester – well, outside of Rochester and hopefully being not in Rochester will keep my car from hating me.  I am going to a friend’s for the weekend to celebrate Apple Blossom.  It should be a fun time.  I don’t yet know exactly when I am leaving because it depends on a few things.

Next week, I am already subbing three days: Monday-Wednesday.  There are home hockey games Tuesday night and Wednesday night.  I may be called in to sub Thursday and Friday.

Next weekend, there is most likely a home hockey game Saturday night (it’s game 5 and I don’t see the series being a sweep, so Saturday’s game will happen).  And then, I am subbing again the following Monday and then also that Friday.

So, my subbing has started back up.  It seems as if the middle school has caught the “elise-bug.”  Which is what I call it when a school realizes that I am a perfect person to have in for subbing and then everybody tries to get me at once.  The only school in the district that hasn’t caught that bug is the one elementary school and I really just think it’s because I haven’t been out there enough.

So, this probably doesn’t seem too redundant, does it?  Well, that’s not.  My day-to-day is usually redundant in the schedule (for the most part), but not in the specifics, since I am never sure of where I will be or what I will be doing.  However, today – and the rest of this week really – is going to be extremely redundant.  The 8th grade class that I am subbing for is watching Castaway (yes, the one with Tom Hanks) and I had to watch the same part 5 times today.  And I will do the same thing tomorrow and then Thursday and finally Friday – different parts each day, but the same part over and over and over again.  I’ve never seen the movie (gasp!  I know you probably can’t believe it), but I feel like I am going to know it like the back of my hand when I am done.

I’ve never had this happen.  And I don’t know that I particularly like it all that much – my day at the elementary school (and even the high school with so many different electives) was much more broken up and varied than my day at the middle school has been.  It makes me wonder if I ever want to be a middle school teacher – and thankful that my certification only goes up to 6th grade.

Is your daily routine redundant?  What about the activities within your daily routine – do you do the same thing over and over again?  How do you think you would fare if you had to sit through the same 35 minutes of a movie (even a good one like Castaway) five times in a day?


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