Mental Health Day

After everything that ended up happening following my weekend, I took an unintentional mental health day yesterday.  From the blog, from the world, from worrying too much about life.  And I relaxed – at least the best that I could.

So, I apologize for my lack of post yesterday.  I really have no excuse except for the fact that I ran out of time and didn’t start my work earlier than I should have.  I left the house at 6:45 (after taking a nap – and it’s a good thing I did) to go to choir and thought I’d be home by 8 but didn’t end up getting home until 9:20/9:25ish.  That’s an hour and a half of my time that I had planned on doing things – namely writing this blog entry – that I lost and had no control over.

The reason that choir went so long was because of our practicing for Father’s anniversary mass.  And I’m really happy and excited to be singing at it, even though I don’t know Father all that well.  But I was really scared and bummed because I was the only soprano there.  And normally I’m not a very strong voice.  And I didn’t know any of the music that we were singing, which makes me even more hesitant.  Usually I have at least one, sometimes even more, strong sopranos with me.  Sopranos that I can pick up notes from.  Sopranos that can carry us, even when I’m not at my best.  But that was not the case last night.

Last night, I was the lone soprano.  There were four altos – three of which are very strong and a whole bunch of guys that were singing either bass or tenor.  And I was all by myself, singing soprano.  Luckily, it wasn’t really a lot of melody, which helped a little bit.  And I think that I really impressed people.  I mean, I was super nervous at first, but I got better.  And I might have even learned the part better because I had to learn it by myself.

I guess we will see what happens and if anyone says anything to me on Sunday.  Because there were a few comments made at practice.

Well, I’m at school and going to go back to other things now.  The day is almost over. 🙂

Do you ever run out of time in a day?  Is it because you didn’t budget well or because something that was only supposed to last a certain amount of time lasted longer?  Have you ever surprised yourself or others who you’ve known for a long time?


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