Did You Miss Me?

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve written.  Did you miss me?  If you did, you’re in for a good story.  If you didn’t, you’re still in for a good story.  So, sit down, relax and listen to what happened to me this weekend.

As many of you know, I had plans this weekend to head to my alma mater, Niagara University, to visit with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in ages and to attend a presentation by Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret.  If you don’t know about the PostSecret project you can go to the website (www.postsecret.com) and check it out – and I promise to post an entry about it soon.

Anyways, the weekend was absolutely fantastic.  I loved every minute of it and the talk was fantastic.  Everything went great and my friend and I were loving our lives, until we tried to leave.

As we drove off campus, her car was shifting kind of funny and she told me that it had been doing that and it just needed to warm up.  But warming up did not help her car at all.  No, she tried and tired to get her car up past 40, but it didn’t work.  It would hit 40 and then rev up to 4 or 5 on the RPMs but go no quicker.  We pulled into a parking lot and called some people for suggestions/help.

Everyone told us that we couldn’t drive back to Rochester.  So, we drove back to campus.  Where we tried to figure it out.  No such luck.  From calls and other things that we tried to do, we knew it had something to do with the transmission – the fluid or the transmission itself.  So, we spent an extra night at Niagara.

In the morning, we drove to a shop only to find that her transmission was completely shot.  The repair was not going to be quick or cheap.  After some debate, contemplation and research, she rented a car to get us back to Rochester so she would be able to work for the week.  Upon our arrival Monday around noon, we decided to get some lunch before I hit the road.  We went and grabbed garbage plates and then headed back to her apartment so I could leave and make it home in more than enough time for the B-Sens game that I had tickets to that night.

I turned on my car and went to back out of my spot in the small parking lot behind her apartment and my brake pedal went all the way to the floor.  All the way.  No way was I driving that in the city.  I couldn’t.

We checked the brake fluid.  We went and bought brake fluid and I put it into my car.  It didn’t help.  Great.

How was it possible that both of our cars had broken down in the same weekend?

We called around and had my car towed to a shop that her mother knew about and knew was reputable.

They couldn’t get to it that night.  I was spending the night in Rochester and would go to work with my friend in the morning – she nannies and made sure that it would be okay with the family.  The only downside was that I was going to miss the game.  Luckily, my friends were able to find someone else to take my ticket, so I’ll get my money back from the tickets that I bought for them.

So, the next day arrives and it takes them basically the entire day to fix my car.  So much for getting to the game that was last night.  I finally made it home around 10 PM last night – tired, much poorer than I wanted to be, and angry that my car had been stupid/it had rained the entire way home/I couldn’t get the AM station the game was on at all/the B-Sens lost.  But I was home and I went to sleep.

The only thing that made the past two days bearable (after leaving Niagara) was my friend.  We laughed because we couldn’think of anything else to do and we enjoyed each other’s company…really catching up with each other and making the most of the situation that we found ourselves in.

I will try not to do that as much soon.  Hopefully, my car has decided to behave for a while now.

Have you ever had a weekend like mine?  A weekend getaway that lasted longer, not by design, but by misfortune?  Were you able to make the most of that misfortune? 


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